Brown Eyes Can Hide

brown eyes ever  hide
swinging ~two ropes and one tire~
you can turn  be a crazy
a dreamer  rocking like that
and never more return to reality
brown eyes hide
all that  she can see
the sky ~ when she is a loft…high ~
the fresh air ~when she is back…down~
nothing makes difference at all My brown eyes
the only fight is 
brown eyes still can hide?



Mirna Morgan:

I think this poem fits all love in world…the good and the bad in a relationship….I think…but i dont know for sure…

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Enfleurage is an old process to extract the scent and soul of flowers.


he touched me with invisible hands
and sniffed me from far away
as i was a bouquet of flowers
as i was a scent ~ intense~in a garden

i walked carelessly dressed with the trees
inside the green and dark
clouded and safe
he stopped me as he swirled around me

and all my leafs were shaken
a whirlwind of green and dark blue
was coming out of me
i was a simple glossy leaf

Again, just to remember…..

he ask me ~just one drop from yours body~
~it is all i need to go away~
and lifted up his nose
resting already on my chest

I opened my flower and i gave to him one petal
when one single drop rolled down of my breast
smelling of fear ~ smelling of love~
he save it on…

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Six silver strings and It is not BB King….

It is something that remains

six silver string to broke my sleep

Singing ~I am safe~

Echoes  the tunes to me

by his hands ~inside the guitar box~

His voice resounded  ~i stumble on  my memory  ~

I Am the Queen…I am the Child Queen!

I should have strength to open my eyes and see

Even hurting me ~ I am so, so alone~

But i know what love is ~I remember~

six silver string playing to me
and i know that it is not BB King
It Is  Him the sweet voice chanting for me

To my friend, singer, composer, artist, Robin Thomas Quinn and his beautiful mum.

The Minuano took my Soul….

The Minuano blew hard these days
while I was still breathing warm

~as the cold ~  always precedes the cold and win
~It went away~ taking   my little steam soul

undulating in the air,  losing herself  in little drops….

   as water tea_kettle

 in a  boiling kettle
just whirling in the air
tasteless and odorless

Rising ~ capriciously  ~ to pour  into  rain~


Minuano or simply minuano Wind is the name given to the  current air  that typically affects the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. It’s a cold wind of polar origin (Atlantic polar air mass), occurs after the passage of cold fronts of fall and winter, usually after rain.  Wikipedia.

Not Everything You Buy Fits

Not everything you buy fits
does not fit on the closet
or tightly on your baggage

does not fit in the car
and inside the freezer
OH! You cant get  the total pleasure

we are not able to
place in just   place out  ~to see~
~In~ does not match with style

And you still trying….

so much to save so much to keep

and you don ‘t know How to do to suit

no room within and a lot to squeeze

Drum to be heard

the drums chanting

labored by calloused hands

it doesnt know others sounds
but the deaf drumming of their longings

no one to hear…no one to understand

but men preparing yourself to battle
perfect circle and a numbing dancing,
an echo ~vibrating inside their chest~

courage  courage arousing

drum’s  rhythm it is ~the voice to be heard~

I had

A frightening vision when the spirit of war arrived
i was there at the beginning ~watching~
now, i paint myself with red and white
dancing around ~i am primitive~  I’ve always been


no one to hear… no one to understand

photojournalist Betty Press

photojournalist Betty Press


longinghe sit behind those windows
as a right ~minimal~

thinking Alone ~ exhausted~
gleaming as a solid  carved figure
so real ~so heavy ~
A silent message from a silhouette
intense and living

steps disturbing  his thought
far away….but coming

breaking  away the not shared  thoughts

~to search for  ~ a little of love~
a tactile hand paused on his head
fingers entwining the hair
a cozy breath a warm touch
a tender kiss on his back
another deep breath
fall apart  ~ the guaranteed silence~

he stands up ~knowing~

Economic Feelings
to the life