Deep Blue Sky


Foto by Nicholas Buer Asthophotografy

we have to be very careful
when we dream
in days of a deep blue sky

he,  who tore a hole above the sky … and peered …. All he saw and all  he did not understand was a blue mixed with white rounded clouds . …. He did not know, could not know. Then he threw himself from above. Charmed, fascinated! Above the sky! The gravity, sweet and unknow. A first encounter an adventure!
. And he just fell … but he did not understand the fall …. He knew nothing …. Just the soft fall into that deep blue ….. Does he not think that he can not come back? … Back to the ice edge above the sky? Did  he not see that he will fall infinitely ? Into the unknow, into the deep blue?

That hole was open …. A hole above the sky. Torn as  were thin ice, broken in the middle of a lake …
Much later ….. I do not know how many millennia crossed the time and another being had the same curiosity to look far away throught  that broken edge …. I think there was some enchantment. The unknown height, the nervous wind. In All that immensity he just jumped like his ancestor.
Condemned theyself to fall forever. Searching for A soft place to fall … Searching for love maybe?
So, i think….

We have to be to be very , very careful
when we dream
in days of a deep blue sky



The Souls Collector!

the collector of souls


~His name is sung
~ to the four winds~

I was so carelessly sitting on my rooftop
seeing all-stars with my green lens

  a noise not a voice
but I was resting there
without hearing it very well
and reluctant to follow it

What is that?

from my special place i saw
some starving apparition
coming out of their stones

not sure…

and i saw it ~even covering my eyes~
grey souls coming in my direction
~begging for mercy~

tattered and guided by His desire
no chances for them

~He was there~

covered by the night
claiming for them
and breating and chewing
those five souls

My eyes was a mirror of those pains

i shouted!!! No….

but they only could hear
the sound of the night

and still ~ in a perverse way~

~His name is sung to the four winds~

Misplaced and Upside Down (Senses)


when I think  about all   around
comes to me a sweet smell in the air
so I do not think
I breathe
a few of you

a lump in my  throat , a  pain or  a longing
I used to flow it  into my  poems

~as formely~teto de estrelas
but you simply gone away
Hence … all this confusion

a wish, an absence, an image
comes to me through sounds
and I dance,

so I do not feel
I do not feel!
I just listen
a few of you

I’m here
hoping you to  restore
all this confusion
After all, everything has to go back to
their common place

Quickly… It is all upside down


Thinking and writing
at least

~ that i got from you~
but I could not keep
because your  absence bothers me

But the memories are still in the same place
working well
my grim love too
I guess….
and you? How are you?

Búzios Bay

tonight the tide is so, so  low
and  i , numbed by the silence
by that comes and goes


so dull and shallow

less than the moves of the waves
it is  one soft  touch, a rustle in my year

in my senses!

sliding over the grains of the sand
all in the beach was   dead and quiet
I did not dare to  move as we were patners tonight

as we were salty and predictable

low tide, flood tide….

I just ventured  to  inhale the woody perfum

a scent of solitude it was  allowed

not just to me

but to us

there, in that moment….

as my heart aches  one Big  Sky

appears to me
Gorgeous !
but unchanged as it is my will

in that night, in that Bay
just across the stillness of the world
and an anarchic glow in the sky

I could remember you

But It is  summer night in Búzios Bay

Buzios night

The Butt

Pigmalion and GalateaTo the Butt
everything belongs

your  discrete look

or your primitive  feelings

She is City, landscape, sculpture


She is there to be adored

the chaste man worship her in silence
the fearless man   whistles along the way
so nonchalantly
The intimacy of look

She  is the morning’s bread or the  elegant sandwich

It is longing that fills your  eyes

perfect in any color and  rounded shape
She has innocent forms

Proud when passing  through and when venerated
So, so sweet


7 Deadly Sins shrouded in secrecy

who idolizes her  loves more

much more

on her ,  rest your timid gaze
And without knowing why
arouse inside you memories


sweet spanking, pinching and biting

To the butt
everything belongs

your  discrete look

 your primitive  feelings

A Bunda

A bunda

a Ela tudo pertence

o seu olhar

 seu primitivo impulso

ela é Cidade é paisagem é monumento

os homens castos a idolatram em silêncio

o homem destemido a olha displicentemente

assobiando ao longo do caminho

Intimidade do olhar!

Ela é o pão  da manhã é  o sanduíche elegante

é saudade que enche os olhos da gente

perfeita em qualquer cor e na  forma aredondada

tem a bunda formas inocentes

Orgulhosa quando passa e  Doce quando venerada

É Redenção

7 Pecados Capitais envoltos em segredo

quem a bunda idolatra  Ama mais Bunda! (2)

Nela você  descansa o seu o olhar inibido

E sem saber o porquê!

brincadeiras   de palmadas, beliscãos e  mordidas

A bunda

A ela tudo pertence

o seu olhar, o seu primitivo impulso