The Butt

Pigmalion and GalateaTo the Butt
everything belongs

your  discrete look

or your primitive  feelings

She is City, landscape, sculpture


She is there to be adored

the chaste man worship her in silence
the fearless man   whistles along the way
so nonchalantly
The intimacy of look

She  is the morning’s bread or the  elegant sandwich

It is longing that fills your  eyes

perfect in any color and  rounded shape
She has innocent forms

Proud when passing  through and when venerated
So, so sweet


7 Deadly Sins shrouded in secrecy

who idolizes her  loves more

much more

on her ,  rest your timid gaze
And without knowing why
arouse inside you memories


sweet spanking, pinching and biting

To the butt
everything belongs

your  discrete look

 your primitive  feelings

A Bunda

A bunda

a Ela tudo pertence

o seu olhar

 seu primitivo impulso

ela é Cidade é paisagem é monumento

os homens castos a idolatram em silêncio

o homem destemido a olha displicentemente

assobiando ao longo do caminho

Intimidade do olhar!

Ela é o pão  da manhã é  o sanduíche elegante

é saudade que enche os olhos da gente

perfeita em qualquer cor e na  forma aredondada

tem a bunda formas inocentes

Orgulhosa quando passa e  Doce quando venerada

É Redenção

7 Pecados Capitais envoltos em segredo

quem a bunda idolatra  Ama mais Bunda! (2)

Nela você  descansa o seu o olhar inibido

E sem saber o porquê!

brincadeiras   de palmadas, beliscãos e  mordidas

A bunda

A ela tudo pertence

o seu olhar, o seu primitivo impulso

My brand new Blender!

Good Morning!
As the inspiration does not flow I decided to share with you my latest experience.

Finally i bought my new blender. It took me two years to buy it. Not for lack of money but for total oblivion. I Only remembered to buy it when I needed, And then I forgot it again as it was becoming a problem …

So i was  walking by Resende and  by chance I saw a Big poster: Blenders on Sale!
An huge emotion slammed into me … It’s my chance! I No longer could wait.
I come in  into the store, happy with my life! After all I would finally get my dreamed blender and forget all my forgetfulness!  All that once! Yes! Happy!

I chose the most beautiful, Black, Shiny, full of new functions, ,  including one  thing that caught my attention… a filter inside…. and of course forgetting that these one, they are the most difficult to handle with a larg  manual to read…. But that OH!  Only details….
My Blender finally at my reach!  Now i could make my juices again with orange and carrots. No more needed to use the complicated Processor….
The Processor is another story…. The problem with it is that i took so long time assembling and disassembling it that i lost the pleasure of tasting my juice….
Returning to the blender…

I went to the queue to make the payment …. The queue was huge. Also huge my lack of patience ….
In my time I discovered why the queue was so slow …. The cashier tried to sell the  extended warranty. And while you do not accept you could not leave….So you have just one chance to get out of there….
It is something i can’t understand… this warranty…. If the procudct is good what the reason for this insurance? Anyway…. I said YES! Yes I DO!!!!

The cachiert was happy and I could finally go home.
Happy life! With that big and heavy box, walking around the city …. It is winter here but with 33 Celsius degree!
I got home, unwrapped the blender. I Made plans …. Yes, I planned to return to drink  my morning’s juice …. What a joy!
I planned to use it on Sunday morning …. Today ….
That is me …. I cut the oranges into four pieces and the carrots too and i put all the fruits and vegetable inside the filter …. Well, it is small by the way … But no problem, I pushed it all at once .. … And I turned on …. Oh! It did not work …. Then I used my fave technique, with the  blender on i pushed all  with a spoon …..
The filter broke, mingling with my juice and spreading orange juice  at the wall.
Disappointment and sadness …. Tomorrow I will try to use  the  Extended warranty .my blender

The Lover

The Lover kissIt is soft and round
pink and smooth
sometimes exudes a perfume
some mouth
mouth of flowers
He draws in the air

touching ~even having a ghost   hands~

And he wonders

it is a woman’s sense
fooled by a  kiss in a glass
bottled in a bottle of perfume
It is silk!
And now he only wants stand there
between the anguish of seeing
but not being able to touch

It is soft and round
pink and smooth
beyond the window’s kiss

A Passionate’s Queue

A passionate’s queue
It is never fair
the First one loves no one
but just himself
(and I do not know what he is doing there)
But arouses tremendous love
in that girl who is just behind him
he never notice her or realized her existence

He is Narcissus in am empty view

The third one on this queue

is plenty of love and hate
for her and for him

That is an endless path
that is repeated in the corners
bars, houses. romances

and brothels

as vengence

feelings drowned in bottles and puffs of cigarettes

Just Whom loves someone

has the best view of things

but in charge

a heart that does not beat anymore

They remain stand on that place

full of first, second and third persons
with love, passion and desire

one day
someone , he or she

 that loved so much
in the both ways

the right way and inside out
on this poem and these hearts


will see yourself alone

He calls Cain as he intends to kill
She is called Aurora, the girl who cries
He, Oh! HE!
Nightfall , who loves no one but is loved by all
At Day, as Aurora love

At night as Narcissus drowned

Obs.:  This poem was written originaly in Portuguese.  Difficult to translate. Sorry for possible errors :) :)

Crude and Uneven


i dont know what i hope for
when i search for  your hidden face

and i count
the few  words that were said

if they come to make me equal
if they are spoken just

to confirm the loneliness


what i really  know is that
in the  domain of silence

does not fit all

does not contain all


things keeps running in my hopeless ambition
the bite of the lips
the look of love
the hands shaking

images created

by listing

whom could you be

The language of your distance hurts me
and it comes in odd & even  days

to be sure

that i am still  crude and uneven

without you!Victoria de Samothrace

Just Another Day!!!!

I was reading “horoscope for the Day”
they sent to me a pretty Quote
to repeat it
a thousand times
and to wait…..

I think for the benefits


I have to confess
i dont like too much
to have to wait or do things
in the same way or  use the last words….

one of my few qualities
be on time and learn fast

Oh! I’ve been wait for you!!!
“I love you”

Oh! How i am cinic when i pretend
that i believe
i just get embarrassed
and not knowing what to say

but what i wanted to say or scream loud
Please, that is not necessary
i am being polite… that is all….

that doesn’t mean
I am not romantic

I am….. Sometimes….
i like candles lit and the reflex that it does
weaving all forms in a misty way
as if that moment were  unreal
and it is
at least to me and brief

Terrified here!
with myself

Because the dim light it is fading
and taking away all my feelings20150329_150116
It is just another day!