Your place is here!Dream Lover!

I have some curves, You know!
Not so exuberant, But just right
light, subtil
you can go there!
You can find!
But, please dont forget
Fire and Ice.
YouI’ ll can always
use Tango and Rock
Oh! my!
my backs, I crave for that!
The more i want, more i see!
anticipation! Ah! this sound so good to me
yes, i am all tied up!
This time my legs to
With silk, yes, and i love your style!
When you applies
your touch
and your tongue,
all his knowledge of my body!
all my shadows now glows
and feel me in a lagoon!
and you suck and aspirate
ll that water!
more you overflow
and nowwoman in waves gustave courbet
only the kisses
Lost and jealous
for your second place!


that every sacred moment you’re on my side
be glory for my body
be master of my thirst
the power of my enjoyment

thinking all saints day
Being less holy and more profane
Then be the defiler
fierce tongue
the sweet and the bitter kiss

do what you want with me
I do not care
I like your love anyway
Unrestricted Strange and Grim
Be free with me my love, be sacred

Amenfallen angel

Avenue of My Body. day 12 napowrimo


M Morgan ~

you pick up your brush
since gave up his words
and draws a line
and says that I am

I’m a bit more than that
2 dashes already enough

I take your hands
and gently paint some words
you no longer understands
then I paint my picture

I’m a bit more than that
2 dashes not enough

then, by drawing on me
which carbon paper
to see if you remember
Who I Am

I’m a bit more than that
a silhouette is not enough

A ghost you say
want something more solid?
open your hands
black ink seeping through his fingers

I’m a bit more than that
invisible ink and so thin

Black and white
really try scribble my Body
So I am
The pale line again

Copyright 2012 M Morgan