Your place is here!Dream Lover!

I have some curves, You know!
Not so exuberant, But just right
light, subtil
you can go there!
You can find!
But, please dont forget
Fire and Ice.
YouI’ ll can always
use Tango and Rock
Oh! my!
my backs, I crave for that!
The more i want, more i see!
anticipation! Ah! this sound so good to me
yes, i am all tied up!
This time my legs to
With silk, yes, and i love your style!
When you applies
your touch
and your tongue,
all his knowledge of my body!
all my shadows now glows
and feel me in a lagoon!
and you suck and aspirate
ll that water!
more you overflow
and nowwoman in waves gustave courbet
only the kisses
Lost and jealous
for your second place!

2 thoughts on “Your place is here!Dream Lover!

  1. A wonderful romanticism of your thoughts . I just love the way you don’t mince words. Your pointed approach as relaxed as a loose ball of yarn. I read this numerous times and I think I finally get it. Thanks for sharing as always !

    Liked by 1 person

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