Sorry, but i have to go! day 6 – naprowrimo

tonight i was caught
again by the cold
and i felt so emptyImage
without nothing


lonely i am
but i wasn’t to be

All my rhyming
all my poetry
that you did not know
and I could not give to you


i am still lonely
but i wasn’t to be

just for you- i could sleep
to sleep one’s last sleep
But you made a tour
letting me on a pathway


Again, I am
but i wasn’t to be

I cry now my lasted tears
i feel is drying up
has no more water on me
where you drowned so many times


I cant do that anymore
wait like a dead flower
on my hands adorned myself
And I dried as a bone

……………… Lone
…………….. not to be
……………… Sorry

Letter from a Poet to a diamond earring!

I hope I can answer  your letter correctly because Paul, I do not write more in Portuguese, so wherever you are aware that became his farewell letter in a poem.
So long after his memory had come back to me in prose
And you know I do not like prose.

Simply fell into my hands .

Your letter lies .

Appeared not know where. Perhaps to revive his memory long ago buried. Then in my poor lyrics , will now only my answer to your excuses.

Still dwells here some bruises!

I forgotten you completely. But, since you stubbornly returned I must replies to you. That’s my poem for you.

Letter from a poet to a diamond earring!

you gave me a Diamond Earing

so Beautiful and Bright

that night.

Why  get out with the

tall and blonde woman?

Its all right!

And the manager of Hotel

hold me so tight!

Hope you don’t mind !

And my diamond earing

shone in your room

not  so bright!

Back to the  hotel

you claim for my


I put my mask

and said, yes,

just  throw up on your face

once it  was  two  diamonds


You have to sleep on the



When the sunlight come

On airport , i was

without one single tear

just going to nowhere

that  was our love affair!


How about once was

a diamond earring

So bright!

But i want to know

all this years passed by and

i need

How did you went to

your chateau?.

Yes, how?

Because in

Dust was my heart  to


the diamond earrings

!once so BrightImage

And yes, i burned his passport! he he he!!!


Nudes ree07Thomas Ruff (German, born Zell am Harmersbach, 1958)

Nudes ree07
Thomas Ruff (German, born Zell am Harmersbach, 1958)

Call me pervert.

in fact i am totally health

Just love you in an unusual way

my sexual gratification

comes from your pain

my rain.

Love that

if  pervert is.

You  fills me when you become



I have  all from you.

Love loose  myself

be your pet

beg for your sex

stumbling over my lyrics

Sweet and torturing  choice!

Hear you!

echos of on hold  voice

If you love be the  master

Be at all.

 Dominate me and submit me

I am your poem and  words


over me and about  me.

I ‘ll sing for you

i’ll recite to you

groping around

Your body

nurturing your dark soul.

Here, i am your mercy

secretly .

Love me

a love

Pure and pervert

Running on our hearts.

The English way! ( my view)


I was reading about English culture  his peoples.Seeing photos of beautiful and unknowing place. Different but no so unusual. because when i finished that article i remained thinking and thinking how its culture has a great  influence on us. And how enchanting  is my friends from there. 

A special kiss from me to  Peak District.

When i think in English way
what first i see Oh! a portrait
The bulldog, walking on the morning

so refined
bowler Hats whit a griffe signedImage

The styles all secret of the  Cricket

All men in white  is a seeker so

what is the goal ?

There a part of  your soul!

When in desert,  my imagery i see

all English fashionable  way

lovely women well dressed

and refined cups of  tea in hands

and tents.

Ladies on bike by suburban greens

The morning  mist

not the sunlight  kiss

Oh! Its  almost  unseen  bliss

In the evening

The big glass of beer in a cozy pub

Darts games and various talk

The football, the bad  weather

The train that  arrives 13:01

Incredible!!!In time!

It is  so fun

The mysterious cream tea, Big Ben


Polite and kind people

wonderful and beautiful Places

Is how  i feel  on my heart !

One Country so faraway from me !