Learning Fast Poetess!

i was thinking like poetry can be more than all. More than you, me,  more than a pleasurable  book. How poetry has changed me and make me a better person. A beautiful person. More confident , more sensual and open to life. I have no more fears. I left them behind.Its logical that i suffer still but when pains comes i always have your words my words and all poetry on the world.

Is a New World for me. Not so new, because  dwells on me since  i was born.That madness by the letters and rhymes.  I recognize that feelings. Feel  that  my whole life. Just needed  a push. A endless push. That keeps going and dragging  me. Thanks God!

I have improving myself.  Each tears i drop. Each disappointing i have. Each ache that touch my heart. I am better. I am stronger. I am a Learning Fast Poetess

.All my life i learned so many things.and fast!Image. For what? Talk many languages, or write very well or be the first on each prove that i have to do?

For What?? Be the best with a solitaire heart? That nobody could reach?

No, not anymore!

I have  one love, yes. Bigger than other love that i had. So fall in love for me like me to him, So welcome and warm like a kiss  of a man. I have poetry. She dry my tears, comfort me in bad moments and is true to me all the time. Forgive my sins and make strong!

then to whom should I thank?


2 thoughts on “Learning Fast Poetess!

  1. Poetry, the traveler, a companion, a friend, a lover, can find us in the darkest of the nights, or the harsh lit reality of days, often it will find us about the times of soft dark blues, their hues, where their tales, they climb to the highest heights, to then dive below the deepest seas, to venture beneath subterranean, to cross our driest desert, all before a tropical storm, at it’s edge, the delightful rain, where we find time to pond, before we ourselves to write upon the tempest’s winds…


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