The English way! ( my view)


I was reading about English culture  his peoples.Seeing photos of beautiful and unknowing place. Different but no so unusual. because when i finished that article i remained thinking and thinking how its culture has a great  influence on us. And how enchanting  is my friends from there. 

A special kiss from me to  Peak District.

When i think in English way
what first i see Oh! a portrait
The bulldog, walking on the morning

so refined
bowler Hats whit a griffe signedImage

The styles all secret of the  Cricket

All men in white  is a seeker so

what is the goal ?

There a part of  your soul!

When in desert,  my imagery i see

all English fashionable  way

lovely women well dressed

and refined cups of  tea in hands

and tents.

Ladies on bike by suburban greens

The morning  mist

not the sunlight  kiss

Oh! Its  almost  unseen  bliss

In the evening

The big glass of beer in a cozy pub

Darts games and various talk

The football, the bad  weather

The train that  arrives 13:01

Incredible!!!In time!

It is  so fun

The mysterious cream tea, Big Ben


Polite and kind people

wonderful and beautiful Places

Is how  i feel  on my heart !

One Country so faraway from me !

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