Two words!

A priest told me

that Latim is a  christian languageImage

a chill on my spine
so cold ….

My dearest friend  so worried

about religion

folded me in two

your always bold daughter

have heard the priest too
and now
she is taking her blue

But priest!

latim is a feast to my eyes!
and i used it only two times!

Benedictum Est? Oh! my daughter!

And Cris
my sweet friend

we have to keep stillness
as they say…
nothing like a forgiveness

for the blues drops in rain!

Letter to Mr. Dorian

Oscar WildeDear Mr. Dorian

I am surprised each time o  read  your book . Very. Even being  the third time that i read you.

Apparently you still causes amazement and controversy.
Spanned the centuries.
We’re here more hedonistic than ever and our picture remains well
hid.  Painted with dark colors.
Our decay reached a limit and even  you could not even guess. And at
the end, your  picture was not so ugly.


Your cross over the century and make me suffer. Because i have to reveal my life’s style . Reading you!
Even you being dead you inspire me.

I  opened  the pages of your  book  again and  something was lost.

Your ingenuous  Picture!

You are so beautiful Mr. Dorian, with your sweet out fashion sins.  Hanging on ours halls.

Don’t punish yourself with griefs or guilts. We  live now in a decadent way,  in fact it  is modern.

Your vanity, hedonism was your vision of our future. And the Victorian society that you fought  so bravely oh! You help us so much!  We are between You and the nothing that we create.

We walk a little but just because we are obliged. At heart,  we are the same man and woman from the past.

The laws, full of morality and restrictions on our behavior,  keep us on line. Rules  over us and dictate the limits of our freedoms. We are good by force not by humanity.

as I say, we are like cattle, all going in the same direction. It is still forbidden to think much. But a  little you can.

We can not more smoke Mr. Dorian.Is not politically correct. But we can be well succeed and grim all under ours ambitions. And the culture of narcissism is in vogue  too.

Now, all  women are equals.   You have to do a big  search  to find something natural on their  body .Strange no?  But is true.

And You tought   that your age was so conservative and pride!

How you are so  naif  Mr. Dorian. But thanks, you open the Gate!  Some of us still have a brain but no one like you.

That on  my humble opinion.

Well i am going  on my way now. Better not explain to much because on this time, we can not express  themselves freely. Although they say the opposite. But it is better not to risk.

No , no Mr. Dorian, not only the government now   but the big corporation Mr. But is too much to you see at moment.

Longing from you Mr. Oscar.


Letters of Love between Poets!

On this days seems impossible

Letters of Love between Lovers!

letters of pure love

remarkable feelings

that capture our


in one single moment!


Oh! sorry! are you not poet?

Are you a man so worried?

or a woman so empty?


But the letters come and go

without your approval

or advertisement!

Yes, its exists!

Incredulous Perfects Humans!

Love captured in a unique moment

far away your expertise

and judgment.

Beyond this world

exist a brief to breath

I write and

he writes

we write.

and for you

so lonely and empty

i say,

attention in love words

it might transform you

and awake your sleepy heart.

Oh! Just

Hear the poets

the music that comes from them

read your words

Be fragile and cry

like i cry

but keeping reading

and you will die!

a sweet death
could  feed you heart.

That’s what poetry is

Poets and feeding souls


on the strange and

secrets fields



Pretending you exist!

hovering over me
your sickness of blues

you are a ghost
that orbit all around

the path of a heavenly body Peak District By Andrew YU.jpg1doing play with my grief

my moon’s courses

insisting to stole my senses

celestial dust

came to visit me
in a gust of wind

I will  accept!

i will go wade through
down the stream

on my bare feet

refreshing my flesh
at one dash

waiting for you
on the right side
on my watercourse

Pretending you exist!

In my mist

with affliction or affection?


climbing the mountain
and the clock is showing
not tick tack but
the North
but on the top
I need the hours
with affliction! 

I shot some photos
the moments that i lost
Oh! the same path
now appear hours! 
On my compass
with affection! 

With affection or affliction? 
I am a little lost here! 

My clock does not regulate me more
(ka, ka, ka i think) 
My compass a little crazy
always putting me
into the ends on-line
the time and the direction
I go rising vertically and…
without affection

Oh! damn! 

I am now
1700 meters of height
Peak of Itatiaia
Here I see clearly
my time and direction
My friend tells me
and if was not for me
cardinal points i presume

I put my finger in my mouth
with a silly face
soak and well soaking, thinking
fingers into the wind
my geographic north or
my magnetic south
i just know

follow me! 

with affliction or affection? 


 (Foto: Rachel Takiya)

Legend of Untrue! ~me and Unwritten Soul~

Comfort my soul
By listening the voice
Your softness so tender
But only just an old legend
A lie told in tales
I found and lost
In innocent mind
Once I remembered
But now I’ve forgotten
Let it burned, burned in time
A legend of untrue by you

How many sounds
One lie can be interpreted
For later have to be elucidated
In front your eyes

Too weak under your lies
Ashamed, i cry

Twist your lies
Around your tongue
Making words trapting smiles
With tricks hidden behind teeth
As much you say love me in a kiss
Fooled again for another myth
Perhaps fool is myself
Your lips are softest knife
Sharp enough cut my chest
Stealing my love away
After breaking my heart
Unreturned and wasted
Bruises marked, unhealed
And pains written in scars
Remind me a tale by you
About A legend of untrue

How many round
One lie can be recycled
For later have to be realised
In front your eyes

Ashamed, i cry
I was fooled
Not again

How many faces i skipped
To hide my all inside
from you and past
Not to awake
Blame you not
As fool is me to believe you
But you remembering my pain
Your forgiveness still remain
Just put me far distant
From another myth
Love in lies
To be told

Dont be my misery
Be now my mercy
Just forget me
For who i am
what i was
To you

Release me
From A Legend of Untrue
A myth in a kiss by you

………………………………….. …………………………………………. ………………..

Note: This is a write, a collaboration between me and Unwritten Soul
And a gift from him to me!