with affliction or affection?


climbing the mountain
and the clock is showing
not tick tack but
the North
but on the top
I need the hours
with affliction! 

I shot some photos
the moments that i lost
Oh! the same path
now appear hours! 
On my compass
with affection! 

With affection or affliction? 
I am a little lost here! 

My clock does not regulate me more
(ka, ka, ka i think) 
My compass a little crazy
always putting me
into the ends on-line
the time and the direction
I go rising vertically and…
without affection

Oh! damn! 

I am now
1700 meters of height
Peak of Itatiaia
Here I see clearly
my time and direction
My friend tells me
and if was not for me
cardinal points i presume

I put my finger in my mouth
with a silly face
soak and well soaking, thinking
fingers into the wind
my geographic north or
my magnetic south
i just know

follow me! 

with affliction or affection? 


 (Foto: Rachel Takiya)

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