The hatter did again! NaPoWriMo

The hatter did again
a new Hat

with softens roses
to melt in tears
the men’s hearts

but if has not
a singer, a jumper
Hopscotch, cacht one, cacht all
is just a beautiful hat

So, children
the spinning chant
spins and sings
with yours soft and smooth voice


softens, smoothes,
soothe the
men’s heartImage


soothe the men’s heart!
La, La, La
Ta, Ta, Ta
Dum, Dum, Dum

My mum told me to pick this one…..

The men’s Heart!

Poetry consummating by love

amor, letras e poesia love consummate by words
words that i presume
sparkling in a black that
comes from the white
of your paints

my pain!

or scrambled hands move
suddenly, in the end of love

oscilating in front of me
with sounds, fears
maybe tears

Have you stole it from who?

my consumed soul?
when letters showed up
and i was deceased,
exhaling my last breath!

Oh! my loneliness ,

that is why my spirit was made for


of night and day

fell tiny drops of black

pouring in my head

Oh! make my suffering less

with crumbled letters

a mere breath, the last

my poetry consummating by love

Fall Through

Alone. Are you on your chair. I came so carefully that you  cant hear me !

Behind you and taking  advantage from my vision.

And seeing all true. That come at once

You cut your hair and your neck  seems so perfect.

Carved stone, such perfection.


A book in your lap , neglect . The light of the window.

I cant see your face but i know that you are not here. You wait for nothing else  and craving for so much things.

Maybe that is the moment when you lose your strength.

But you can, Yes you can.

You that loved so much

Me,  I loved you for a thousand
and a thousand left you empty.

Maybe if you had tried once more.

The impossible hour.

The impossible poem.


But now, you can not.

And She exists and fulfill  all your dreams
All that i can see now, Just looking. Behind you.

I want give a step ahead but no. If i do that  i’ll kiss you.

And another million of kisses alone.

To me from you.

One more hole inside. A grief, another gift

And you cant hold it anymore, can you?

So, i stay with my view from you. That is just i can do . Before I

fall throughImage


The traveller succumbs
Shelter he seeks
Black hearted and weak
Door pushed! It creaks.

I hear the beat of its wings
The harbinger of death
It’s lament it sings
As it steals my last breath.

It circles the tower
It’s shrill tone
Climbing higher and higher
Pulling at the one alone.

Lightening lights the towers window
A visual portal into hell itself
Feel the walls closing in
As the death black crow does sing.

A brush of it wings
Brings my hands to my face
Head drops in dread
As it lands on my head.

Head bowed low
The peck of the crow
Shrills sharply at it victory
To the floor I cower.



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LOVECIDA! NaProWriMo 2 day


from my eternal love


from my confidence

and all other
that signify the action
the death….
inside me

I can, yes
do that


in english and portugues
my language permits
call you that way
formed by
agglutination or juxtaposition!

I have so much others
radicals to call you
but i don’t

For me is enough

Oh! my ethereal love



Strange Fall

Already is March 
and the waters are closing the summer 
(I’m paraphrasing here Tom Jobim) 
My river that was so slow 
became whirl 
and increased the level 
must be the waters of your love 
strange falls 

When My love was not love 
just fake and deluded 
your drops just coming up 
watering me and matured me 
wet words 
over me 

And there it goes 
took by yours waters spell 
a reserved part of me

I am asking you 
That is fair? 
drowned in words
and still
with a delusion love?Image

Tango on

they try shut up indefinitely
voices for love
closed firmly
in a lies of box

No one could see inside
just the mellifluous air
that impregnates
the hearts

loves music offends
whom dont know what is it
something to be
cruelly laurels

and just you can smell
the tiny, little bay tree

love did again a dance
entwined with arms and legs
oh! the sound of a tango echoed
now the music is not for sad breaths

but for vigorous feet and soft hands

I am to cold for that!


i think was in a altar
that you eat my flesh
drink my blood too
like in a ritual

I am here
for you devastating my all
I am surrendering myself
to your words

be easily to me
Could you
dont make me Uh!
or begin for your AH!
Just pass over me
and all is ok

Do what you do of the best

eat me so gentle
love me so empty
that i could be your winter
the best i could feel

So, be cold with me
be no one with me
but be someone
You was  my love

be coldness
love that
i am too

i can come with that
but i am too cold for

Creator and Creature – Day 30

Lower my head
entwine my hair
in my face of marble

As you did

undress all my silks
and some cotton
kiss my neck

as you like

Do not touch me I remain
Lifeless there,

creator and creature


Image trace with your fingers
giving me life
the silhouette on my back
slowly and cautiously

Draw my form
with his hands and
take them to lips

I’m your dream
your  illusion
Created and now