Creator and Creature – Day 30


Lower my head
entwine my hair
in my face of marble

As you did

undress all my silks
and some cotton
kiss my neck

as you like

Do not touch me I remain
Lifeless there,

creator and creature


Image trace with your fingers
giving me life
the silhouette on my back
slowly and cautiously

Draw my form
with his hands and
take them to lips

I’m your dream
your  illusion
Created and now

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Put it all down with the wrong lenses! Day 29

black rose1Put a green lens

let me chose my glasses, please? Can I?
and I went through as well, knocking down
stepping old peels
shedding the leaves
taking away my petals

“Bem me quer, Mal me Quer”

totally alienated!

Daisies are white!
But i can’t see

leafless while the time pass
And I feel ~ that anger~
arousing my  Rose inside
finally i see the Red

completely ready for that!

i cant not denied myself!

One’s soft silver string! Day 28

~ M Morgan ~
The well is full
but it not overflows
a draining mechanism
Keeps it Leveled down
the seed of the desert
stored inside the chest
sleep, does not germinate
but is ready to sprout

Awaits the well leak out!

lost love, bad memories
their defenses, pain
perfectly filed and labeled
with all sorts of excuses

The desert awaits for be ruled

The body sick the ~killer mind~
the lack of love for …..
false kisses, false words
so kindly treasured by impunity

Await the end of excuses

Oh! So many waits and
i need a flood of water
One seed to sprout
before someone touch one’s soft silver string


Saracen woman – Day 27

M Morgan ~

I’ll see you there
weaving in the rock
turning the wheel
continuous and numbing
using your hands sticking your fingers
weaving yarns in your unfinished story

trapped, lonely
I’ll see you there

No need to be
Mother or Wife
An enchanted Moorish
sitting on her stone , bewitched
guarding her  treasure for herself

forgotten, dreamy
I’ll see you there

causing nightmares
singing their songs
telling their stories
leaving your children in the window
just to see the pine rocking

no chances, forced
I’ll see you there

passionate for your lost love
being what you dont want to be
draw into wires, spinning

sitting on her tinny place and


Goodbye Mom!!

I can not accept! Day 26

caixa-de-mudançaSince i am reading you
I am stuck
the words don’t flow
and fight between them
those boxes of bees
are pleading for me

i dont gave you attention, is not?
but was the incredible noise
that surround me and stuns me
i can’t hear your voice
in return , you are so lonely

My only sense is my vision
seeing you .fenced on this  6 walls
no air, breathless
and i can not accept
such a box full of dissonance

I have mine own
with windows and doors
built long ago
moving from owner to owner
and finally in my own hands

inside i placed my bones!

but my soul escaped
nothing is perfect
sprinkled like seed
in a chosen soil by the wind

I hope you comprehend!

I can not be complete
in a box
and tweet!

Un Verre d’amour! No Thanks, just a glass of wine! Day 25

I was in Paris!
You in heaven!

Un verre d’eau?

No, une tasse du Vin, sil vous plait!

crushed on earth
under the feet?

No, just a verre du vin rouge!

But i have one

falling into oblivion

mature and

comme vous devenez une saveur fraîche!

togheter with the wine…….

take your time and with sweet strokes

Peut-être Vous……

Thirsty, to be calmed while  drippinggarcom1

juicy in your mouth

so deliciously runny

white and diaphanous

deeply, warmed up at your lips

red and dense

Body and strong spirit

In time to be one

Why not my love?

Un verre d’amour?

No, thanks, just a glass of wine! ! ! !

Celebration & Distraction of Love – Day 24

Something is burning

and i look cautiously

and If is on me?

so distracted!

my box of match intact

subtle, under my skin

Burning, see!  Burning!


Something was cut

and blood flows
by the act of the knife sharpened
for my lack of attention

not in the same place

where my thoughts are
never the ideal stage to act
always destined for a ghost absence

You & So

I Decided Celebrate!

and drink all sensations  at once
the cut, the blood , the burn

and unwillingly accepting myself

a love so long felt, wanted

one relief for my distraction
the poet is gone

Sweet Nellie Left Us Today

That is Nellie a great companion and friend of a great Poet too. Here Nellie is my humble tribute to you!!!!


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Brave Men! ! ! ! day 23

iraq_warI like brave men
those who goes to war
and finally returned
dividing up with us their visions

I like angry men
that dispute their  honour and bravery
in a table of bar
sharing with us their strength

I like drunk men
that spit their stories and say obscene language
with your friends
separating the good slice with us,  their laughts

I like human men
that give all time
the best and the worst
and seal our hearts with a long kiss!

Secret Lullaby – day 22


Balu Balu, Lilith-by
come and take my soul
if i not dream tonight
you can do anything  at all

My cradle is shelter of your hands
Balu Balu, Lilith-by
leave this soul alone
forget your infant body

I still pray my religious songs
Balu Balu, Lilith-by
choral of hands singing I mourn
Secrets in  Lullaby, stay away your breath of me