1/2 Boutelle du Vin! Day 9 napowrimo



When i opened my first boutelle du vin
you was on your second round
like you said: a slight and dusty bottle
But you sip your full wineglass so pleasently!

Telling me nonsense words of love
I talk some advantage of you

Asking you about your past
how many loves i have to ask.

But you are not 2 Chardonnais still
Rich, full-bodied and voluptuous!
and stare me with your liquid rouge look
just when are 1 bottle and twoo!


Like the red blood the vintage told
arounds my head your sweet voice flows
such a sly wisp fo Mona Lisas coy grin
you look me up and size again

If then we make sure a toast
to your love lets give the most
to cross the bridges; oceans and air
A Chadornnay sip; a smile care!

Contributing Poet: TA Robinson


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