Black Rose!!! day 13 napowrimo


black rose1

I have a black rose
between my legs

strange  color rose
black roses smell good

Once,  one   spring
only in my place

I have a black rose
between my legs

no needs watering
no sprout like a knob

forgotten and waiting
in  the darkness of myself

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7 thoughts on “Black Rose!!! day 13 napowrimo

  1. The black rose is a fabrication of imagination .
    It does not exist in nature .
    Created with dyes or cultured dark red roses .
    It is a lie symbolizing impotent emotions
    lashing out for attention .
    Lie black rose of my heart
    Take what has been taken before
    Splash the color of nothing across my hear
    Hear the thorns rip my flesh
    and taste the blood drops besplattering
    your fingers … then you can smile .
    Black rose insidious in allusions


  2. Interesting write. I don’t know if black roses exist, though I have seen deeply, deeply red ones. And between your legs … a very interesting write.


    • Black Rose is about solitude. I always write about that. Its about find love through poetry …. because i dont believe in real love… something like that.
      Again you come closer Poet and thanks. 🙂


  3. I believe in Love, but not in the sense of the physical but the spiritual beauty. Some have that and those individuals are sensitive to light. They are brilliant but sometimes shy and sometimes a Lion or Lioness.

    I love Dark Shadows because of the gothic nature, the old homes and the quiet drama that lurks like a shadowy fog in a moonlit forest.. 🙂


    • First, thanks for your poetic comment,very beautiful.
      I believe in that kind of love too and Black Rose is not about physical contacts but about a choice… a choice for the solitude…. being alone…. an option for wait the really love, that is like you describe to me. 🙂


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