Rest In Peace! Day 14


Rest in Peace!
its a joke? ? ? Who knows?
I know, with all my diggings!

and the  shovel in my hands

Dead for thousands times
and no one single rest
So well buried but still



Sorry if i disappointed you!
this time with a bouquet of black flowers

between my palms
To put on your perfect grave!

Rest in peace!
ha, ha, ha

3 thoughts on “Rest In Peace! Day 14

  1. ah vengence Do I smell from this black rose
    of tatar . Not damask but damned rose on black . Ah child you cannot bury death . It
    remains after , everafter into eternity .
    So unkind death frowns on your innonense
    your insolence … beware of death .
    It’s breath dusty from the desiccated souls
    devoured .It’s hollow sockets see from inside you out . Toy with death but beware death has
    no patience for the living . None whatsoever
    for the dead .


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