Sweet Death! Day 15 napowrimo

On the waves
lost on a wrong place
too big and vast
and the time urges
the surface!

but my breath is not the same
and i sink
breathlessness into the deep
into the  grey blue

Am I on the ocean?
Am I on tears?

not for longer

by my numb mind
i accepted the dive
as i sink
and i find snorkeling Angra dos Reis1 peace
why I supposed swallow

Then i realize

how sweet is death on the sea

2 thoughts on “Sweet Death! Day 15 napowrimo

  1. Yes a beautiful poem of consequence .
    Especially if you drowned .
    But you became as the sea surrounding you
    that embraced you , held you like an enfant .
    But the sea is master of it’s ways and is none to kind to strangers that invades it’s space .
    The sea is silent in it’s rage and merciless in it’s doom . Forget for one second and it will hurt you .


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