Being Poet – Day 21

poeta flor

Infinite Longing!
Hands together, but
Poet does not suffer

he does not cry,
He is Silence!
He is a mirror of our life!

He align our pains
with few of red and grays
painting sometimes our griefs

Milky Way!

Ask for him
in that good hour
A pinch of colour

And he, having all such power
gives to you and to me
a little of rest and touch of blue

I just want only be poetry
No pain, no loss
I want all his words!

His counsel, His wonders
I want to fill my chest
And be pure delight!

Fill me in with All the magic in the world!
wrapped me, take me
Show me!

His dance
can heal me!
can transform me!

And tell me anyway
Restest, come down,
Now, here, we are equals today!

One thought on “Being Poet – Day 21

  1. Hi, thanks for the recent likes on my amateur art blog. It’ll take me a while to soak in your previous posts, but enjoying what I’ve seen. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers, ~Scott


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