I can not accept! Day 26

caixa-de-mudançaSince i am reading you
I am stuck
the words don’t flow
and fight between them
those boxes of bees
are pleading for me

i dont gave you attention, is not?
but was the incredible noise
that surround me and stuns me
i can’t hear your voice
in return , you are so lonely

My only sense is my vision
seeing you .fenced on this  6 walls
no air, breathless
and i can not accept
such a box full of dissonance

I have mine own
with windows and doors
built long ago
moving from owner to owner
and finally in my own hands

inside i placed my bones!

but my soul escaped
nothing is perfect
sprinkled like seed
in a chosen soil by the wind

I hope you comprehend!

I can not be complete
in a box
and tweet!

4 thoughts on “I can not accept! Day 26

  1. Hi. I really like your writing style and I’m enjoying exploring your blog. I also wanted to offer a quick apology for my short remarks on other posts elsewhere; you were very kind to take time to say those kind things, and I didn’t want to make it look as though I was profiting somehow from those circumstances, it really surprised me when he reblogged me, I know that sounds silly, but there it is…. anyway I’m really enjoying your writing and posts and look forward to seeing more! Good day to you ~Scott


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