One’s soft silver string! Day 28

~ M Morgan ~
The well is full
but it not overflows
a draining mechanism
Keeps it Leveled down
the seed of the desert
stored inside the chest
sleep, does not germinate
but is ready to sprout

Awaits the well leak out!

lost love, bad memories
their defenses, pain
perfectly filed and labeled
with all sorts of excuses

The desert awaits for be ruled

The body sick the ~killer mind~
the lack of love for …..
false kisses, false words
so kindly treasured by impunity

Await the end of excuses

Oh! So many waits and
i need a flood of water
One seed to sprout
before someone touch one’s soft silver string


2 thoughts on “One’s soft silver string! Day 28

  1. Like rice grass in a paddy field, where monsoons wait to fall, soft as the silk of the mulberry bush, waiting for the sun to call, where desert wash far to sea, to set here free the seed… Hope the seed sprouts tall and true, Mirna!


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