Saracen woman – Day 27

M Morgan ~

I’ll see you there
weaving in the rock
turning the wheel
continuous and numbing
using your hands sticking your fingers
weaving yarns in your unfinished story

trapped, lonely
I’ll see you there

No need to be
Mother or Wife
An enchanted Moorish
sitting on her stone , bewitched
guarding her  treasure for herself

forgotten, dreamy
I’ll see you there

causing nightmares
singing their songs
telling their stories
leaving your children in the window
just to see the pine rocking

no chances, forced
I’ll see you there

passionate for your lost love
being what you dont want to be
draw into wires, spinning

sitting on her tinny place and


Goodbye Mom!!

8 thoughts on “Saracen woman – Day 27

  1. The feeling, the connections they strain, they buckle, though as time passes we find they have never broken, even though they carry many scars… Beautiful words, Lady of Peace…


  2. You hide these feelings from yourself and think, “Oh, I’m free.” It’s just the past. And as you said before, we will carrying this scar with us. Is time to face the true. Thanks Poet.


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