Com acúcar e com afeto!!!!

Sung by:
Nara Leão and Chico Buarque

With sugar and affection
I made your favorite candy
for you stay at home

Oh! How
With your more beautiful suit you go out, i do not believe
When you say you’ll do not delay

You say you are a worker
Goes in search of wage
To be able to support myself

Oh! How
On the way at the work
There is a bar on every corner
For you celebrate
I do not know what

I know someone will sit down together
You will talk to kill the time
discussing football

And staring the skirts
Of those who live by the beaches
Colorful by the sun

Come evening and another sip
I know happy ‘ma non troppo’
You’ll want to sing

in a matchbox a new friend playing an old samba

For you remember

When night finally tired you
You come like a child
To cry my forgiveness

Ih! what
Tell me not to be sorry
Says that will change our lives
To please my heart

And when i see you so tired
Battered and bruised
Still wanted to annoy me

Oh! what
soon i’ll warm your diner
I kiss your portrait
And open my arms to you

A simple Poetheart!

poema-e-poesia1Like a simple poetheart!

I can not bear
the loneliness of others
or the sun that is not my
I just can  not see
All these people   makes so much noise
I prefer my empty box
no sounds, just to appease me

I do not want your happiness
because it is not my

your smile
because it is fake to me
your  words
that makes no sense

I want to be free
of all these brands
all this involvement
I want to be able to suffer if I need   be
just for me

or drop endless tears on me
to one day be reborn


back to my childhood
and be happy again
forgetting the priests, of course

and not be an attachment of my memories
at time

I do not want to give
Be  something to be enjoyed
I want  be wrong and overlooked!

To be is much complicated!

when necessary is for …

I have blood in my veins
to support myself
let me be human
not benevolent

just a simple divine spark
like  we all were  at beginning of the time
but they say that God rules all over us
and cling to it

let me be what I am
unhappy, happy, full and empty
please allow me do this
from trying so much to understand
what is forbidden
I,  how a crazy woman
trapped in myself

then release me, please
just let me be what I am
a simple  poet heart.



Attached to my last poem

Dear last poem
I am very frustrated with you! In fact you almost ended up in the trash. You are only there , for my lack in understanding how applications work properly on my blog.keep-calm-and-apologize
You spent a week in my head. Prowl around , tormenting me with the story of small drawers.
What are they? I wondered for over a week. And every day practicing   one verse or  a stanza and could not get rid of the damn drawers.
This caused me a huge frustration! Needed to do something.
Today, driven by one imprudence and wanting to feel free once and for all ,(that feeling of inefficiency) i decided to expell you “poem”.

I needed to go ahead, think about other things, other words, rhymes.
So reading another Poet finally came the inspiration ….. Rage! That’s it! Anger of a poem that had not yet been written in words but it was closed, closed in my mind.
You know that poem is just not mind, or just intellectual abilities, academic. That  is why you do not get out of the paper. You were locked on my  brain.
Where were my real emotions?

Here, dear Poem! In this white sheet.

To give vent to my anger a relief!

Have you ever imagined such a shame? Explain yourself, and you release me from this responsibility once.
Everyone is wondering why He hates me, sometimes, or why I go into the drawers, divided. And I say, I do not know. I do not know! I think it’s about acceptance. That’s all I can say.
But you know me and not revealed that for me!
A Poet  came close to decipher. My friend and Poet Dweels! And my dear all, Poet Midnight Voices too.
Thank you friends. You opened my doors!

Because of you, by these endless metaphors I’m in this delicate situation with my readers and Poets friends . Having to ask for forgiveness!

I ask for  apologize!

And, please,

Blame the poem not me!
Writing this attached, now I’m really relieved.
A hug to all my dear friends and readers  and please excuse me the drawers, the metaphors and the English. Hugs


Hate Me! Love me!

hate and lovewhen

The  night wake me up cold as ice

stretching its grips over my pillow

rustling ~ pain,  sweetness sounds~

i am so confortable welcome
on my room


there, you Hate me

i melted myself  being  able

in several tiny drawers

to hide , dusty  woman ~ a  outsider ~

dividing me – tearing  me in pieces –

no blood, no sound, discreet

i think i don’t fit in so much darkness

(don’t know if is

the  space or me)

even that way

one sickly ravishment alight on me!

let me enjoy  on it, in  my somber soul
when I passed by you  in white clouds ~ you are ~
when you passed by me just

a stranger with nothing to give

hate me like that! Just a bit!

Bruise (r)

A slam of door
and one bruise was formed

it is round, not totaly
purple with some color of blood
just on center
a contusion, say the experts

I can’t say  ~nothing~
they always know more than me

But i suffer and i see
the hemorrhagic tissue
and it is bigger and bigger
as much the time pass


time pass by for heal
so time is friend of my bruise
enemy of my reaction

i squeeze the soft purple flesh

more dead than alive

and is like it said to me
I am giving the pain,
I am more alive than you


I cant do anything

the time, the bruise, the blood


they always  know  more than me

Gate 53

Gate 53 now is closed
all tickets for sale
is now past

the man said!!!
perpendicular, she sit on the bench alone

a paper in her hands
waiting for  the next departure

transversely, she wants

run into  the Southern Cross
throughout her solitude that’s fit well

horizontally he arrives
silent, as if it were human
aren’t steel’s friction steps
but she knows are railways to go

malicious engineering
long curves …
~She, vertical ~He, erect~

119556_papel-de-parede-no-trilho-do-trem_1680x1050From afar, you can see
crumpled paper at the train station 53

Blue Moon!

~M Morgan~

i am so sad
to talk about you Blue Moom
someone took you from me
and now i have nothing to say about you
I had many beautiful things to express
When and how your Occurs
When You take place for me

But someone took you from me

Someone who do not know about us
Me and you and never know

When once in the
In a rare instant
The tingle of Turquoise
When i undo in love

But someone insisted in take you from me

And transform all my desires in pain
All your beauty in simple star
You are now inside me just like one astronomus study
I do not relate to you anymore
I do not depend on your influence over
you do not affect me in my nights  by nightsmoonlight_1395
Yours cyclical movement is  nothing  for me
My tide hid in the ocean

Now you are a betrayer Moon
intense, but your blue now  stain my cold soul
I was ready to dress my simple cloth
white, for you Impregnate me of bright
to show my demure body
Under your powerful Azure

All my madness That I’ll offer to you
My tears and weeps and caress
my wanton way for you transform
When you Appear just for me
Take place just for my love
Reach me for my sick pleasure
All that was gone

Because someone took you from me