Blooming flowers of cherry trees!

cherry-blossom-You were among the flower of cherry trees
and you carried  me so lovingly

while the fragrance reached
transforms the  scent in remembrance

I still can not drink champagne
and champagne to  be
but a gulp, at once
in his honor, in a calyx

I already did!

Oh! But

I can be one Chablis!!!!

The other senses????
AH! should be around

forgotten on the same place

where bloomed the  Cherry Trees!

3 thoughts on “Blooming flowers of cherry trees!

  1. The calyx or husk of a flower containing the sepals or outer husk and the corona or petals of thd flower .
    A cup that holds sweet fragrance as it blooms
    revealing stunning colors and beauty .
    In this poems case a person , a calyx of love
    blooming with love and full of sweet fragrance.
    The cup holds the champagne taken in one gulp … intoxicating !
    The cherry tree starts blooming as pink but soon turns to brilliant white . Pink as in passion turning white in purity as the love evolves .


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