morador de ruathe seal , the law  and voice

sends without fear some strong words

The black, the dirty and the White “so niveous”
the tranny, the prostitute the drugged!

Sit on your porch and swing your sorrows

Dare and
look in your  fogged  window
your eyes already dead, since there is to much to life
misled someone, (do it good), when the other man beguile the stomach
cheats and Toast

a sip a dry ~instantly  bitter~

and A Grand Finale

Shared  for all of us

The black, the dirty

The tranny, the ………

White “so niveous”

2 thoughts on “Cheers!!!

  1. The seal , The law and Voice
    key words :
    1. niveous – resembling snow ; snowy
    especially in color
    nival – snowy ; growing amongst snow or
    flowering in winter .
    Ni vous – French :
    Ni vous sans moi
    Ni moi sans vous
    ( neither you without me , neither me
    without you )
    Marie de France ( late 12th century )
    The earliest French Woman poet .
    2. Tranny – transexual , or transvestite .

    Mirna’s poem lashes out at the empowered who control life around them .
    Like a flower blooming in the snow they prosper as all around them lays covered in laws , sealed documents , and a voice that dominates them .
    They seem satisfied in the ststus quo of their life and confident of their place over others. But they forget we all arrive and leave the same way in life and that as part of life it is neither you without me , neither me without you.


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