Gate 53

Gate 53 now is closed
all tickets for sale
is now past

the man said!!!
perpendicular, she sit on the bench alone

a paper in her hands
waiting for  the next departure

transversely, she wants

run into  the Southern Cross
throughout her solitude that’s fit well

horizontally he arrives
silent, as if it were human
aren’t steel’s friction steps
but she knows are railways to go

malicious engineering
long curves …
~She, vertical ~He, erect~

119556_papel-de-parede-no-trilho-do-trem_1680x1050From afar, you can see
crumpled paper at the train station 53

2 thoughts on “Gate 53

  1. A imagem do cruzeiro
    The image of the cross shines
    The Southern Cross constellation (Crux)
    On the Brazilian flag .

    The gate may be closing
    The rails have locked you in
    You can’t go on to anywhere
    That you haven’t already been

    Las Guardas , Joao Faras , May 1 , 1500
    proclaimed for king and country
    Now is knocking at your door
    Transversely clear and free

    Then comes a day May 23 , 2013
    five hundred thirteen years three weeks and a day
    All I can say to you is
    Have a happy happy birthday


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