Hate Me! Love me!

hate and lovewhen

The  night wake me up cold as ice

stretching its grips over my pillow

rustling ~ pain,  sweetness sounds~

i am so confortable welcome
on my room


there, you Hate me

i melted myself  being  able

in several tiny drawers

to hide , dusty  woman ~ a  outsider ~

dividing me – tearing  me in pieces –

no blood, no sound, discreet

i think i don’t fit in so much darkness

(don’t know if is

the  space or me)

even that way

one sickly ravishment alight on me!

let me enjoy  on it, in  my somber soul
when I passed by you  in white clouds ~ you are ~
when you passed by me just

a stranger with nothing to give

hate me like that! Just a bit!

6 thoughts on “Hate Me! Love me!

  1. Dusty woman, travel far the road of a wayfarer’s wind, for the beauty in your words, they’re born to live in fast vast currents of the jet-stream across a turbulent atmosphere, across the globe…


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