Attached to my last poem

Dear last poem
I am very frustrated with you! In fact you almost ended up in the trash. You are only there , for my lack in understanding how applications work properly on my blog.keep-calm-and-apologize
You spent a week in my head. Prowl around , tormenting me with the story of small drawers.
What are they? I wondered for over a week. And every day practicing   one verse or  a stanza and could not get rid of the damn drawers.
This caused me a huge frustration! Needed to do something.
Today, driven by one imprudence and wanting to feel free once and for all ,(that feeling of inefficiency) i decided to expell you “poem”.

I needed to go ahead, think about other things, other words, rhymes.
So reading another Poet finally came the inspiration ….. Rage! That’s it! Anger of a poem that had not yet been written in words but it was closed, closed in my mind.
You know that poem is just not mind, or just intellectual abilities, academic. That  is why you do not get out of the paper. You were locked on my  brain.
Where were my real emotions?

Here, dear Poem! In this white sheet.

To give vent to my anger a relief!

Have you ever imagined such a shame? Explain yourself, and you release me from this responsibility once.
Everyone is wondering why He hates me, sometimes, or why I go into the drawers, divided. And I say, I do not know. I do not know! I think it’s about acceptance. That’s all I can say.
But you know me and not revealed that for me!
A Poet  came close to decipher. My friend and Poet Dweels! And my dear all, Poet Midnight Voices too.
Thank you friends. You opened my doors!

Because of you, by these endless metaphors I’m in this delicate situation with my readers and Poets friends . Having to ask for forgiveness!

I ask for  apologize!

And, please,

Blame the poem not me!
Writing this attached, now I’m really relieved.
A hug to all my dear friends and readers  and please excuse me the drawers, the metaphors and the English. Hugs


3 thoughts on “Attached to my last poem

  1. Hope you are happy from inside. I really hope.

    I don’t know if the metaphors and English or especially the drawers had to make you apologize but what I found after reading first line that I need to read the poem first.
    And after going through this attached section, I felt like I was reading the summary of the poem a teacher asked the student to read. It was amazing!

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