A simple Poetheart!

poema-e-poesia1Like a simple poetheart!

I can not bear
the loneliness of others
or the sun that is not my
I just can  not see
All these people   makes so much noise
I prefer my empty box
no sounds, just to appease me

I do not want your happiness
because it is not my

your smile
because it is fake to me
your  words
that makes no sense

I want to be free
of all these brands
all this involvement
I want to be able to suffer if I need   be
just for me

or drop endless tears on me
to one day be reborn


back to my childhood
and be happy again
forgetting the priests, of course

and not be an attachment of my memories
at time

I do not want to give
Be  something to be enjoyed
I want  be wrong and overlooked!

To be is much complicated!

when necessary is for …

I have blood in my veins
to support myself
let me be human
not benevolent

just a simple divine spark
like  we all were  at beginning of the time
but they say that God rules all over us
and cling to it

let me be what I am
unhappy, happy, full and empty
please allow me do this
from trying so much to understand
what is forbidden
I,  how a crazy woman
trapped in myself

then release me, please
just let me be what I am
a simple  poet heart.



6 thoughts on “A simple Poetheart!

  1. A place to breathe, a place to live within the storms, such places to dance our ways in conversations, our thoughts to turn directions, our words… a voice of a poet heart… My humble thoughts after reading, poet friend…


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