I don’t know change the tire!

estrada Sumaré

I cry for some few reasons
when I dont have a chocolate cake
when they break my W&N kit paint
When i hear that familiar sound

Oh! just needed to rolling by the road
the blast holding my arms
shaking me and saying to me
you have to change the tire!


AH! At this moment
hot tears
flowing out of me
not precious and fine
transparent and contained
so convenient
but together with hiccups
and convulsions

am i ~ thick ~ enough?
What did i wrong?
i will shake my butt
and the fingers too
to ask for a scarf
and a big man to do

Nothing more was broken
or in pieces by the road
not more tears just feeling
the song of my motor

The history of alcohol, cigarettes and other good things!!!

indio dançando
tum tum tum
urgh, ghrum, ghrum
Is the “white man” at 6 pm
asking for his drink

millions years ago

no table, no cup
but always a thong and the eager to go


creck, crack, oops
is the lonely alchemist
trying to find a way
to solve
the thirst of the troglodyte
and he got it!!!!

a million  years ago!

the cave’s woman knew
that she needed , so
get the paint for her hair
and others things too

~ her compensation ~
for our fall from the sky

OOH! AAH! yes, yes , yes
is the iIndian People
handling colors
and a ~ smoke trees ~ raising

time before time…. years ago!

But God forgot
and slept and slipped ugly

And the cave’s man and woman
meet with the alchemist
by chance ……
and all of them
wanted a beer, a chemistry for hair
and something more……

the Indian people
~ inhale and bail ~
with fire, smokes and colors

singing ~dancing~
Heya! Yeah! Heya! Yeah!

The wolf!

lobo uivando

I was trying to talk last night
fighting with the internet again
millions and millions in my front line
like marines landing in a traffic shore
I think i was the last
who picked up the signal
and he says to me
laughing and in good mood
is the moon
the full moon that attacks you
i ran to see above the view sky
angry i replied
i am not a wolf
that lay howling to the moon

But something strange
started to change
fur and claws
sharp teeth
and a big howl
just came out from me

Fertile Ground

Chartres 616 Once a farmer
always a good sower
dropping of branches of the pines trees
there was the seed!

how tiny and succulent was the fruit
from that tree
one ~ among ~
others, served between a cup of hot tea

that remain as an empty capsule
petrified inside the walls of the Great home Symbol

the fruits falling down
wasted on the ground
resisting at the wind and the well too
~ waiting ~
in a lent memory of nature

despair also exists
to lay claim her hands
even she, never asking for help
its the nature of brothers

and had a mother and father and some other people
crying there!
The seed getting rid

mirror of water
just a shallow intention
on that fertile ground!

SHEM! He and She at same time!

love for english!!!

Shem was created by the Poet Midnight Voices, Thomas, while we were talking . The master in news sound and words!!!!

talking another language, forgetting
your rhythm
No, is not that
Is almost there but is not completely

English is for hear, English is no for talk!
don’t you understand that?

when we talk we forgot
our love for Shem!

and the ~ red rose ~ this sound that you must reach
with extremely care
and hear ~ when words allows to you ~
never in hurry!

So, shem drops

one by one, rolling
making a bigger ~ full silence ~
between the space

when Shem permits!
and when wind come first

you should refine your sense
purify your heart
and just stop a little

you are now ready
for able to listen
how resounding is Shem in your soul

the scent and the wind
together ,hands by hands
like a soft ball that rolls

straight on your heart
and from than now, forever!

So, excuse me
but allows me to love and suffer
and write just for Shem