The history of alcohol, cigarettes and other good things!!!

indio dançando
tum tum tum
urgh, ghrum, ghrum
Is the “white man” at 6 pm
asking for his drink

millions years ago

no table, no cup
but always a thong and the eager to go


creck, crack, oops
is the lonely alchemist
trying to find a way
to solve
the thirst of the troglodyte
and he got it!!!!

a million  years ago!

the cave’s woman knew
that she needed , so
get the paint for her hair
and others things too

~ her compensation ~
for our fall from the sky

OOH! AAH! yes, yes , yes
is the iIndian People
handling colors
and a ~ smoke trees ~ raising

time before time…. years ago!

But God forgot
and slept and slipped ugly

And the cave’s man and woman
meet with the alchemist
by chance ……
and all of them
wanted a beer, a chemistry for hair
and something more……

the Indian people
~ inhale and bail ~
with fire, smokes and colors

singing ~dancing~
Heya! Yeah! Heya! Yeah!

2 thoughts on “The history of alcohol, cigarettes and other good things!!!

  1. Even cavemen needed to relax after a grinding day at the rock quarry . A cold mug of Old Stone hedge was every rock crushers
    choice . And a local blend of home grown
    tobacco called Lucky High Strikes made the perfect companion to go with that beer .
    Soon before you knew it every Rocky had forgotten the pains that crushef their hopes.


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