The wolf!

lobo uivando

I was trying to talk last night
fighting with the internet again
millions and millions in my front line
like marines landing in a traffic shore
I think i was the last
who picked up the signal
and he says to me
laughing and in good mood
is the moon
the full moon that attacks you
i ran to see above the view sky
angry i replied
i am not a wolf
that lay howling to the moon

But something strange
started to change
fur and claws
sharp teeth
and a big howl
just came out from me

14 thoughts on “The wolf!

  1. I’ve howled at the moon many times and it still keeps hanging round. Frustrating ! You expressed it well.


  2. my wolf (Maya) howled and howled last night
    we love to dance under the full moon…
    it does play havoc with technology though..
    I like your words very much here….
    Take Care…


  3. The wolf hides in all of us and waits for the full moon to hunt ( internet search ) finding it’s prey on the plains of Web . Sounds of clicking alert the sensitive ears of the wolf that fulfillment is as near as a rising full moon .


  4. Full set of pictures came pouring in while I red your poem. Great anticipation and unexpected end. 🙂 They say..the moon always reveals our true nature.


  5. Some nights, here is so different beneath a moon in full bloom… Heading far on out travelling fast beneath Winter’s night sky. While the Winter moon’s waking up from beneath our head lights. Making for ninety mile beach where the world it bursts to life. We’re going for a night swim where the tropics ride. Far from the wolves below the Brisbane Line. When all is done we’re now just waiting for the Winter Sun to rise. Out here on this ninety miles of beach it’s just a dream time… All between the days of the Wet & Dry… Loved the poem, Mirna…


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