I don’t know change the tire!

estrada Sumaré

I cry for some few reasons
when I dont have a chocolate cake
when they break my W&N kit paint
When i hear that familiar sound

Oh! just needed to rolling by the road
the blast holding my arms
shaking me and saying to me
you have to change the tire!


AH! At this moment
hot tears
flowing out of me
not precious and fine
transparent and contained
so convenient
but together with hiccups
and convulsions

am i ~ thick ~ enough?
What did i wrong?
i will shake my butt
and the fingers too
to ask for a scarf
and a big man to do

Nothing more was broken
or in pieces by the road
not more tears just feeling
the song of my motor

4 thoughts on “I don’t know change the tire!

  1. Sorry about the first comment , internet crash at such an opportune time .
    Changing a tire while not that complicated is when not knowledgable and also dangerous if done improperly .
    Ah but a woman’s wits will often suffice to accomplish and do . I am sure that incident was no more than a bump in the road solved by some handsome motorist not to hurried .


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