The Bluebird Mountain!

when the man’s hope comes to us
all the rays of the life
lies by your side
to give you strenght and warmth

spirits of the blue mountainImage
appear, when the winter goes
to give you a name


a profhecy to mark and test him
your long way

he flies, walks and runs
at once, to fulfill your duty
become into a swirl of move
a bird, a magician , a man

we are apart of his history
because is a legend
of a man
and now a bluebird
in a blue mountain

Please me ~make me dream~

slowly, Go ahead and cry
they are tears from ~water dreams~

that disband and disperse
while you sleep
i can hear it, from my side of
out of your dreams

they will come to a end
your soul you will feel light
Because tears never hurt
Tears wash!

you know how is this
last nigh was my turn
but mine ~ soaked my soul~
with sobs
~being more and more revealing~

I cant lie anymore!


if each time i remember him
you deeply dive on me
pretending to swim

in a place that is for you to cry….

So, Please me and
make me dream again

My salt lagoon!

my sweet lagoonshhhhh
do not leave the little box

or zipper or unzipped anything

no one needs knows that you are in love
almost in your done


if they want know how you love
all that strange way
with flags, jeeps, wild drinks

oh and the dances!!!
alone, the cuts, the slips
Oh! My
keep it on the box, well closed

the time pass by you but you still remain the same
dancing alone
bits and bites coming from the ligths

silence and long crash
sometime a howling
your eyes out of orbit

and the obscene things
from obscene book of love

perpetuating your one single lover
with salt  indecent  walls memory
~in your lonely lagoon~
sinked  in your  little box bit by bit
silent and determined

in a unimaginable silence

Where i settled my heart!

you are a  watcher of your own story. You lie under a tree real or not ~ you can always choose ~ see the  good and evil, falling in drops on your face. And think that here under this tree would be a good place to settle down your heartcropped-pandora-box2.jpg

hovering upon me

a big Ash Tree

as i  lay down looking up

but ashes that drops on my face
dont bother me

but the trees always showing
the best path to go
i knowing
I am not good enough
for follow that incinerated vision

Just another heart burned
touching my face

dropping of the older branches

tardy, indolent

as ash must be ……

and all of them  were  there
picking and chosing

wishing for something that i had
the rest of greys
where  was my settled heart

Dont drink me!

I met a gentleman tonight
and he introduced himself to me
meek and quiet

wants nothing of me
and told me so suddenly
only two sips madam
as I did not know him
I drank three sips

and he, who came from as far
and who that was so beloved
told me
when you write
write in the wind from 11 am.
drink of hell
because the wind that  hitting  you the night
invades and disturbs you
then do not drink of my love
before the trees sounding the 12 hours

Dont be sad! And hang on

I am here not to comfort you but to explain

how great is my love for you

and bigger is my solitude for you drink to me

Dont drink me!

Dont love me!

Hear that  morning was made for you

simple and honest

Just dont love me

but let me love you at the end!