Dont drink me!

I met a gentleman tonight
and he introduced himself to me
meek and quiet

wants nothing of me
and told me so suddenly
only two sips madam
as I did not know him
I drank three sips

and he, who came from as far
and who that was so beloved
told me
when you write
write in the wind from 11 am.
drink of hell
because the wind that  hitting  you the night
invades and disturbs you
then do not drink of my love
before the trees sounding the 12 hours

Dont be sad! And hang on

I am here not to comfort you but to explain

how great is my love for you

and bigger is my solitude for you drink to me

Dont drink me!

Dont love me!

Hear that  morning was made for you

simple and honest

Just dont love me

but let me love you at the end!

14 thoughts on “Dont drink me!

    • you make me laugh a lot. Was my first time Scott i was warned but……
      kakakakakaakk! Thanks so much for your support. I dont drink so you can imagine the effects…..Kisses.


    • yes, i think love someone is lost a peace of yourself and offer an altar. So you have to fight to understand and accept that. Hurts so much until you know that is the real way for love. Give yourself and no regretts.


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