Where i settled my heart!

you are a  watcher of your own story. You lie under a tree real or not ~ you can always choose ~ see the  good and evil, falling in drops on your face. And think that here under this tree would be a good place to settle down your heartcropped-pandora-box2.jpg

hovering upon me

a big Ash Tree

as i  lay down looking up

but ashes that drops on my face
dont bother me

but the trees always showing
the best path to go
i knowing
I am not good enough
for follow that incinerated vision

Just another heart burned
touching my face

dropping of the older branches

tardy, indolent

as ash must be ……

and all of them  were  there
picking and chosing

wishing for something that i had
the rest of greys
where  was my settled heart

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