My salt lagoon!

my sweet lagoonshhhhh
do not leave the little box

or zipper or unzipped anything

no one needs knows that you are in love
almost in your done


if they want know how you love
all that strange way
with flags, jeeps, wild drinks

oh and the dances!!!
alone, the cuts, the slips
Oh! My
keep it on the box, well closed

the time pass by you but you still remain the same
dancing alone
bits and bites coming from the ligths

silence and long crash
sometime a howling
your eyes out of orbit

and the obscene things
from obscene book of love

perpetuating your one single lover
with salt  indecent  walls memory
~in your lonely lagoon~
sinked  in your  little box bit by bit
silent and determined

in a unimaginable silence

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