The Bluebird Mountain!

when the man’s hope comes to us
all the rays of the life
lies by your side
to give you strenght and warmth

spirits of the blue mountainImage
appear, when the winter goes
to give you a name


a profhecy to mark and test him
your long way

he flies, walks and runs
at once, to fulfill your duty
become into a swirl of move
a bird, a magician , a man

we are apart of his history
because is a legend
of a man
and now a bluebird
in a blue mountain

7 thoughts on “The Bluebird Mountain!

  1. The blue skies of winter
    The bluest blues
    The whitest clouds
    The fresh crisp clean winter air
    But all is beautiful except
    You are missing your mountain man
    Beyound your horizon
    And your touch making it winter
    Twelve months a year


  2. As beautiful as the Blue mountains here, the words, the lines rise up to lift above the flatlands of the plains, to drift beneath the jetstreams of the world…


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