Spirit Leaf is hovering upon me

do you know that wave
that shroud you and take you to the deep?
if you take risks , of course

or the taste of the air at 1.800 meters of height?
if you know how to climb

maybe  feel the pleasure

that comes from one old and comfort   tennis
when you walk for miles and miles

that is me
and i am in my habitat

what is wild
is in reach of my hands

I am and always will be
better don’t push me!!!!
because i have a Gun!!!!

and the spirit of the  braves

inside me, running in my veins

besides all this warnings

Oh my!!!!!!

you put a bone on my throat
i’ll have to spit it out

put you on your really place!

i’ll  wipe  you

until you become mist
and just disappear!!!!


See, here i am, wild again!

with my gun in hands
reloading…..pulando Pico Agulhas Negras

~just doing all for my baby~

how do you feel?
watching my great performance
and perfect aim

Bang Bang! BUM!

shooting, swimming, hiking
in my  wild planet

better go
before  Spirit Leaf hover upon me again!

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