Thanks to you!

I have worked too much
and traveled a lot

and give to others what they need

but it is

like the world wants
put me away from dreams
and away from poetry
which requires me more that i can do

~and that ~
kill me slowly
and softly
but i will return
i hope
for my healing
and  always thanks you

for your support

with love
i say thank youImage

11 thoughts on “Thanks to you!

  1. When wings take flight, Mirna, where the thermals raise you, both as a kite, and the swift, until you rest upon the air as the albatross does, to cross your seas, and the oceans, unto the place of the peaceful mountains, roaring in their weather above the plains, you’ll never be further than a river’s reach, or a forest’s gain, between the love of the Spring-Summer rain.


  2. This I can relate too much. But in my experience, when you give others too much it only drains your soul. Give, but be careful to whom you give. And never..ever give up on your dreams. A famous painter- P.A.Renoir never gave up on painting, even though he was criticized by his fellow painters. His famous last word where : “At the age of regards to painting.. I think I’m beginning to learn something about it”. a theme for our lives. 😉


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