Freddy Krueger Bang

i have no time to sleep
even to dream or have a nightmare
inside my head
has a knot of skeletal fractures

they talk with me and shake your bracelets
calls itself FreddySee-you-in-your-dreams-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-16217430-800-600
and whisper when i dare to fall
and bang bang i am in the floor

promising to me to turn into a Krueger flash
and another
BANG in my head
i open my eyes in suffering

~skeletal- bones~ shaking my bed
and the drums announcing FRED
make me terrified
in this painful and lonely nigh

11 thoughts on “Freddy Krueger Bang

  1. Nice one 🙂 I used to see him in dreams as a kid – especially his hand, as it was one of the very few horror movies I watched at that time 😀


      • there was the safety of home at that time; as a kid I felt that Dracula would not be able to travel this far & Evil Dead’s possessed belonged to cabins in the woods 🙂


      • I didn’t find Anne Rice vampires as scary. but I loved the way most of the works were written. I did my postgraduate thesis on Interview with the Vampire itself 🙂


      • Its not scary but has a thriller in her books and they almost get that on Interview With Vampire. I said almost,…
        They are so human sometimes
        Did you Read Servant of the Bones???? Fantastic but not easy to turn in a film.
        And must have been a fantastic thesis is not????


      • Not really; its like nobody likes such things here. those who evaluated the thesis were like “why would someone do a thesis on this”.
        No, is it about vampires? I don’t like stuff like Twilight & Mortal Instruments though.


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