where lies are sweet!

in a pedestal
i rest
just for your pleasure
that you share with others too

snowflakes fall on me
are my memories
from the cold and the white
just what i have
in a petrified body
curious fingers, slip over me
on my  carved  heels
i feel the strength

a smooth heat…..

in my  sleepy remembrance


heat, heat….

trying to spell out from my frozen mouth


i no longer need to move

i can accept the loneliness

and be forgotten

so, when time is my enemy

pain  could join  to others pains

and enforce your power

petrified i   can forget

and just sleep forever

made out of marble

pain remembrance is most powerful that love…

let  meadormecida em mármore

there,  lying down

in my niveous tomb
with the white and the cold
of fake snowflakes, inert
lying over  me

a place where lies are sweet….

The Mule!

mule-friends– Good Afternoon!
– Good Afternoon!
– your name please
– Ah!!!  Why do you want my name?
– is the protocol ( i saw smiles)
– But…..
– name please
– ok, my name is Mirna Morgan, now please could i pass my purchase, i`m in a rush, parked my car in a wrong place and has a guard watching me!!!
– Oh really, is he watching you or your car
– Ah i dont understand your question. My car of course
– yes, i know….. your car …..
– listen to me lady, what is the problem….. (i have a short fuse)
– oh nothing, nothing wrong
– Hum, of course has no problem i am here just for pay such things and go away. If you allow me of course……

In that moment, i started  to pay attention in that figure right in front on me.

She make a strange gesture with her mouth. Up and down, from right to left, like a ruminant. And I thought : yes,  really i have a mule right here in front of me. Trying to finish my day.

That movement starts to irritate me, . Very long and rhythmic. Insinuating that she rules my time. And i was in a rush.
I had come from the acupuncture and i will need go to bank.

My god almost 4 pm!!!!
The mule looked at me and felt my despair. I dont know but that gives to her such pleasure,,,,,,
My irritation increasing….. and for each item that passed by her a mocking gaze….
Oh i will kill her!
– ok, cash or credit card
– oh finally!  Credit card…..
– ah! we have a problem here!
– what!!!!!
– if you want the discount you have to subscribe…..
– no, no, no,,,,  i don’t want nothing, just go away. And i hope never go back here again!
– ok, say the  calm ruminant ….. ( i swear,  this time she laughed …) But ruminants don’t laugh …
I took my things quickly and ran to the car. Thinking in how  to exterminates mules in a quick way……

– Hey, Miss, hey!
Oh my God is  the guard!!!!
– yes i said, with landscape face ( my face of… Oh please let me go..)
– I know, sorry,  i parked in a wrong place, sorry, i am going away…..
– Are you ok Miss????
– yes, of course just in hurry….
– yes must be…..
At that moment, a moment of lucidity…. i suspected of myself….
a cold sweat trickled down my face…..
i passed my hands on my head and….
i had 5 needles stuck that I forgot to take off…..

OH My!

And the worst is …
the Mule was right…..

Lost Forever!

Forever_Lostin a desert of lost peoples
they put me in tears
with slow movements
they lied to me
and i thought there was hope
i would move forward
but the hands of darkness holding me
i wanted say a word of ……..
but the ignorance reigned there
so desperately i tried to forget
~who i am~  and just  tried to escape
thinking, thinking……
hands dragging me
here has not any God
just me and what left of him
I am alone, again….
where is the end of that
a tower ? a shaved perfect neck
a silent move in your head?
a whisper?
Anyway I am lost


inside my chest

~write that in your appointments ~

once, has lived an open door
at nights and in the coming and going of our moons
i ran, in hurry, closing your hours

losing a bit of my taste
my salt stayed  in my first rhyme
back~ there~

~mark that in your daily book~

and the moon on top and down the doorPocket Watch in Sand
ajar, a silver light comes in
hours is running out
and I smile ~now totally sweet~ of

all these records on your calendar

A pain from one Dodo leaf poetess!

(I cried warm today
how repressed tears in a big dam.
I cried for you.

because you are not

in your Dodo’s ~ Leaf place~

in tears i am

in blue i search

words to make you happy)

The Doc wants to reduce you to a simple leaf

of course  he  dont know about the  importance

and  the incredible spirit

built in the branches of an old tree!

Came on Doc, say at once

Am i will die?

NO, no , no
do you know who I Am
I am  a Dodo Poetess

the last one, i am in extinction
numbers  could do not come to me
statistics  could not  rules me

Better you fix me and quickly

before the ornithologist comes after you

I need time to find  another Dodo

and do a lot of little Dodos too

Are you sad  now Doc?

worried? Sick?

OH! Must be !!! Bvery-funny-cartoon-dodo-bird-3d-renderingut
i have something for  you
A leaf print on the wind

for  your hard  heart

that beats in disorder
the delicacy of one Heather
that dissolves and sometimes burn

for stuffy nose and your lack of imagination
Some Dave in the Wood

or in the garden, 2 times a day!

for remembering something lost years ago
walk  just one time a week!

through the alleys At midnight hour
to   cry and to  sooth your soul

and remember…..
and for relief  a pain that comes from a  Dodo  Leaf Poetess?

What you can do Doc?

Oh! Please!

be reasonable

A piece of paper and a pinch of black   ink!

The damn silent well!


~When at age of 5 i felt in a well and kept me alive holding the walls of the pit. But the terror of the cold, dark, loneliness is inside me.
Until this morning I did not know it but spurred by a poet and friend to write a poem just all came together in my mind.
My brother saved me! ! ! !

And the damn silent well resides in me again!!!!~





what is more than feel and be afraid
when she lived inside a dark well
full of spirits unknown
what is green? what is light?
living from falling things
in your dark place
sometimes a book others times
sounds of people living their  lives
just through the wind
and lined up tiny coloured flags
she learned what is pray

that sound ~ through the tissue~
sang for her
sweet songs of prayers
so at now she knows what is it
Pain ~learned for herself~
Dark ~ from the well~
Pray~ from the wind~

what she can do with that?

So, she is in your gloomy  place
unknown time

suddenly your blonde and curl hair
grows like the perfumed musk on the wall
and they see her for the first time
the wind was more fresh
the voices had the owner
and hands coming with faces


what she can do with that?

I don’t know


out there

~she sensed~

long  and blonde hairs still grow
on that

damn silent well