inside my chest

~write that in your appointments ~

once, has lived an open door
at nights and in the coming and going of our moons
i ran, in hurry, closing your hours

losing a bit of my taste
my salt stayed  in my first rhyme
back~ there~

~mark that in your daily book~

and the moon on top and down the doorPocket Watch in Sand
ajar, a silver light comes in
hours is running out
and I smile ~now totally sweet~ of

all these records on your calendar

9 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. The old Bohemian man and the words associated with him are amazing. There are those people and moreover they are what stabilizes us all. Their cynicism is both inclusive and exclusive. Eschewing the ‘gay’ (not sexual context) for what he knows. He is a sage but would hate the characterization. He would even say my wording would be high falutin city slicker talkin mumbo jumbo and he just might be correct.. lol


    • That is why I never close a poem. I’m always waiting for a new vision, a new direction. After I write I am not the owner of the poem i am a onlooker, a witness!!!! Thanks


      • A lot of people consume and then parrot or ape something believing that to be enlightenment but I think maybe that is the words of others. They do not even understand it’s context nor other beauties that war many times obscure…


      • I dont know if i understand you completely but i think in my humble comprehension that poetry we can not explain. Sometimes one poem goes so deep in our soul and has not a way to explain that. So, every time i write a poem comes from my unknow soul.


  2. I really like the style of this blog, not the least is the castle (schloss) which I had the good fortune to experience. The Rhein River Cruise. Germany is a land of extremes both in the sense of wonder and then like us all, the profoundly inexcusable.


    • This castle has my name in Slovenia. It is called the Sleeping Beauty ~ Mirna Castle . I was taken by the poetry of the place and decided to put it on my banner. Beautiful !!!


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