The Mule!

mule-friends– Good Afternoon!
– Good Afternoon!
– your name please
– Ah!!!  Why do you want my name?
– is the protocol ( i saw smiles)
– But…..
– name please
– ok, my name is Mirna Morgan, now please could i pass my purchase, i`m in a rush, parked my car in a wrong place and has a guard watching me!!!
– Oh really, is he watching you or your car
– Ah i dont understand your question. My car of course
– yes, i know….. your car …..
– listen to me lady, what is the problem….. (i have a short fuse)
– oh nothing, nothing wrong
– Hum, of course has no problem i am here just for pay such things and go away. If you allow me of course……

In that moment, i started  to pay attention in that figure right in front on me.

She make a strange gesture with her mouth. Up and down, from right to left, like a ruminant. And I thought : yes,  really i have a mule right here in front of me. Trying to finish my day.

That movement starts to irritate me, . Very long and rhythmic. Insinuating that she rules my time. And i was in a rush.
I had come from the acupuncture and i will need go to bank.

My god almost 4 pm!!!!
The mule looked at me and felt my despair. I dont know but that gives to her such pleasure,,,,,,
My irritation increasing….. and for each item that passed by her a mocking gaze….
Oh i will kill her!
– ok, cash or credit card
– oh finally!  Credit card…..
– ah! we have a problem here!
– what!!!!!
– if you want the discount you have to subscribe…..
– no, no, no,,,,  i don’t want nothing, just go away. And i hope never go back here again!
– ok, say the  calm ruminant ….. ( i swear,  this time she laughed …) But ruminants don’t laugh …
I took my things quickly and ran to the car. Thinking in how  to exterminates mules in a quick way……

– Hey, Miss, hey!
Oh my God is  the guard!!!!
– yes i said, with landscape face ( my face of… Oh please let me go..)
– I know, sorry,  i parked in a wrong place, sorry, i am going away…..
– Are you ok Miss????
– yes, of course just in hurry….
– yes must be…..
At that moment, a moment of lucidity…. i suspected of myself….
a cold sweat trickled down my face…..
i passed my hands on my head and….
i had 5 needles stuck that I forgot to take off…..

OH My!

And the worst is …
the Mule was right…..

7 thoughts on “The Mule!

    • Oh Poet thanks so much… that was true…that is me…i am here laughing a lot… just remembering…
      You are so gentle , so many likes on my poems… Thanks so much….And a Good night to you…Ralph


      • Hi Mirna 😀 There are so many more posts I must read in your blog. I have enjoyed them all so far. This one is funny. The other posts, so many emotions !!
        I forgot to say. You are welcome to comment in any language. I have Google translate.
        Have a lovely day. Ralph xox 😀


      • Good morning Mirna 😀
        Wow. Thank you so much !!!
        In my blog the best way to make a comment is to click on “Leave a comment” or say for example “9 comments” at the top of the post. Then scroll down to the bottom of all the comments and you will find a box which says “enter your comment here..” . Write your comment and when you are finished click “post comment”. Done !!
        You may want to say something in someone else’s comment while scrolling down. Click “Reply” and a box will open for you to write.
        All WordPress themes are different so you may have to look around the blogger’s post for “Leave a comment” or “(9) comments” and click on it.
        Ralph xox 😀


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