A quick stop at my grave!

in my eternal search
white face and deep eyes
but with inspirations ~ highs ~

I rest…..

stop the noise!
Hey, i am crumbling here!
the voices so loud
the walk of passers by

this shock me, hurts me
I can feel it in my guts

what guts?

i was a poet you know
but they put me there
in grounded

now i am just a skeleton
thin and perverse

until i get the most beautiful words
and put them in a new poem

but how?

stop the noise!
Hey, i am crumbling here
but damn, has no more respect!!!!

they remain talking
upon my grave
in my graveyard

Yes, i am a deadly soul!
ha, ha, ha
no one expected for that einh?

with vaporous torn dress
dancing around others graves
waiting for a word
to break up the enchantment

cursed by poor stanzas
that i heard and in a hidden place
i hold it

So behold!!!!!

i am angry again
and for a word i am searching for

just stop by my grave
no noises no scandals
just be brave and one word
you must to say


Oh! Lady Bright!

Lady brightOh! Lady Bright

sleeping so calm
after the tempest of light

beneath~ in her tomb~
rest a lady bride

she was soft in words
and brave in love
may be God bless her
after an outrageous dead

all in asleep around her cold limbs
the flowers, the dew, the stones
all is so gelid
How Lady still blaze ?

for each insult and lies
suffered in her life

the wicked that pass by
in disguise
shed a tear and for forgiveness they sigh

Now its too late for them
lifeless in their violence
have to pass by there
and a cold tear to condemn

for the rest of their numb life

Oh! Lady Bright
how do you still shine?


drink of hell

drinking in a golden cup
licking the brim
Oh! licking the brim

deeper ~watering my lips~
round drops, translucent
~wanting and waiting~

i swallow the flesh
soaked in wine
dressed in purple

searching for a touch
in a golden cup
remembering that i dissolve
in my purple color

My Ghost Love!

I was taking your image with me
from the beginning , so long…..
difficult to talk about you
I know you so “douce”

some ghosts appeared
said their names
but I did not believe
I heard only a slow death
for not being from you
and died in each satisfaction

and died in every word I knew it was not from you

I mistook the game
I spoke of love
and again was just ghosts
because your sweet slow death was over me
over and over

now my ghost love
that i tasted the cold reality
that comes from your stone
i am falling down
and touching your bare neck
again man alone

Tower of Souls VI. Hope!?

Have to read more than one time and read the series to understand!!! Such beauty!!!!!


With other souls in pain
Eyes searching for one to save
Towards the tower, in the rain
She walked a path, that was paved.

Before the tower she stood,
Clung by rain-soaked clothes
Not with a face of hardened wood
She stopped with an honest pose

Against the wooden door
Her small fist gave hammer- blows
Shouting at the towers law
Challenged it with cutting prose.

Against the tower of black despair
To call those inside to hope
She shouted her words of dare
Maybe save but one from the rope.

“Is Love and Life fair?”
Her words echoed around the tower
“Give me one soul, you can spare’
The wind plucked at her, and rocked her like a flower.

On rusted hinges the door swung open,
In the tower fair maiden stepped, with hope.
Under a high wooden beam, noosed rope swung from upon,
Eyes ablaze she stood firm…

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Confession of a corpse

Bodies piled
bruised tip fingers
~ burried~
lips opened in the empty
eyes misted
waiting the snow fall
for them to be forgotten

got rid of  others  bodies
but has grief in his soul
carries on his shoulders
the unbearable burden of my corpse
entrained are his steps
aching each bonehomem caminhando na neve

he goes so far
has no horizon to compare
how tall he was