Itatiaia National Park

This is the Pico das Agulhas Negras, 5th highest peak in Brazil, is located in the upper Itatiaia National Park, whose access is performed by Itamonte. The importance of this peak is a geological formation that is only found in the Massif Kola, Russia. The name comes from the black needles sharp rocks which have aspects of needles.

That is the place i use to walk and climb sometimes with my group of excursionists !!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

10 thoughts on “Itatiaia National Park

    • Yes Teny very special for me! There have so many tracks to follow and lakes, so so blue that sometimes when in horizon touch the lake you don’t know what is sky , what is water….. And sometimes snow there too.


      • I first thought that the rocks were faces of people! I didn’t know there was snow in Brazil; we would not have any snow here & I would have to wait long to see it 🙂


      • But here snows, in the south of the country and the Itatiaia Peak!! Come and see is fantastic how nature is unpredictable and rules all of us. 🙂


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