Oh! Lady Bright!

Lady brightOh! Lady Bright

sleeping so calm
after the tempest of light

beneath~ in her tomb~
rest a lady bride

she was soft in words
and brave in love
may be God bless her
after an outrageous dead

all in asleep around her cold limbs
the flowers, the dew, the stones
all is so gelid
How Lady still blaze ?

for each insult and lies
suffered in her life

the wicked that pass by
in disguise
shed a tear and for forgiveness they sigh

Now its too late for them
lifeless in their violence
have to pass by there
and a cold tear to condemn

for the rest of their numb life

Oh! Lady Bright
how do you still shine?

8 thoughts on “Oh! Lady Bright!

  1. Poem inspired by ” Oh , Lady Bright ”

    ( Lady Bright )
    Fare thee well oh , the one called Lady Bright
    You dared dream the improbable dreams
    Now you paid the price
    I can see the liquid streams
    of word now as clear as glass
    Oh ! my … my Lady Bright

    You drove by , many the mile , your hair a sea of waves
    You could not hide belied by your smile
    The light inside
    Your step so light , with a slender neck
    and hummingbird style
    Oh ! my … my Lady Bright

    Oh how you made angry bears
    into bumbling bees
    Standing on top of the mountaintop
    With outstretched arms
    brightly you smiled
    Running across the sandy beach
    as gulls would cry
    oh! my …my Lady Bright
    Yes my … my Lady Bright

    Came a cold day as she lay
    entombed in her eternal grave
    Even the sky cried , not even a gull would fly
    Struck by lightning the mountain bled
    But the next day was sun
    And warm as sorrow fled
    In memory’s glory of
    Oh! my … my Lady Bright


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