something as dreary as the weather, as happy as the cold.

By Stan Petrovich


there they are
crackling on tv
to see, yet get no warmth from,
or is it so?
I get warmth from visionary manipulation
like you, so far away, yet so embodied in my heart;
let us go down to the sea;
let us ring in the New Year there;
let us be bold without even a touch together;
we can see the pelicans and terns,
squawking and mating freely.
the stars are bursting with faraway grief,
because they cannot see two pairs of eyes together,
squinting at them.Stars

Memory of Her!

That is a special poem from a loved friend O.M.

Thanks for the honour Poet!~


My tender heart speaketh to my mind aloft
‘Think of love till I am tender and soft’
My mind thinketh of all love past

And my heart beats, like my love last
I can remember her shy sweet call
A voice pristine lovelier than all
In it she calls to my hearts eyes
longingAnd than tears fall in my song of cries.
Tender and soft my heart beat
The memory of you, our love complete

Happy Christmas!

I have traveled all paths . I have talked to all people . I was loved and i loved also. Some crazy people like me: men, women , friends, children. That is a good thing to think in this time
.I have some friends, lovers, family a good place to fall and i write because one poet made ​​me do that and i will never forget him .
People call me love,OH how sweet.
Invite me to strange travels offering me food and warmth and kisses and sex.
OH! I need that! That is good thought to have in this time .
Sometimes, when i am down has always a special person that pray for me and cover me with sweetness and pull me off of the well. That is a good man to have by your side.
I suffer when i write, tears on me all time but, my simplicity is always preserved by those who love me and that is a fantastic gift to have .
So, what is wrong? The bad people? The liers? No. Think about what you have, that is your gift on this special night! Happy Christmas to all and thanks for your patience.
natal Cristina2

Dirty window

The tower

just one hight open window

broken and soiled by my breath

waiting for an apparition
invited by a ghost to sit down
~so i sit, and i listen~

no one words is spelled
by my mouth, trembling
~in  fear~

what do you want to say?
and the Ghost speak
~your heart so worn~ dusty by the time~
as if it was a thing, not a living beat

~your eyes in this place~ so dirty~
as if it was shattered window, not a living eyes

you must to pay…
Oh! you have  to pay…

~wrapped in silence , your soul~
dressing in rags , your body

~by  embrace the lie~

you must to pay…
Oh! you have  to pay…

~i come for you
because you are dead anyway

~my disdain is now~ complete~

i ran through the window
trying to break out the spell,
i drew quickly  hearts~ damp ~by my breath

i know, i know
a mere breath not a mere love

i know have no purpose
but still i do
a heart in a shattering glass



Love of miles and miles

I traced thin lines in a sea  map

the distance between north and south
in coloured stains on a table
I  drowned

~the distance~
oh! infamous!  falls asleep on me

i am yellow you blue
on this sea chart called
love of miles and miles

the geography is on my heart
the stones, the sand, the ocean
all trembling together

~in my tiny heart~

can you  hear the sound?
tin tin tin

with my hands i created a wave

to suck me violently

a new route by reach you
had to

is there  where the journey depart~
so sorry – was a revolted sea-

i sank there

and all that was rested on me
sank also

i become a woman in blue again
taking  all to the deep

my love, my breast, my  last breath….
and one tiny heart
to the bottom

coração naufrago1

My body not so ruined!

I can not….
besides me lies something bigger

~no pleasure, not love , nothing~
and hold me , and warms me
for a short period of time
~I do not just bang bang~

not anymore
Bang Bang is my name
sad that is not?
not so nice as well
in fact i am so near to death
that you can smell it
I ‘ve lived a good time
I danced with my frufru
I made my feet a ruin
I broke them all , one by one
not for the pleasure of the dance
but for the pleasure of pain
~and no one was watching ~
my feet are inviolate
for all to see
like my body
that the priest wanted to destroy
~and failed~

then I run
trying to keep my body
and my mind
stable and  in harmony

the the man in black more and more in a  ballet
i am so lonely with my body


Fooled heart/Misted eyes

I do not have no more
my tresses to play for you
they faded in each  year
like a tree in autumn
they just fall in colours
and fall in  tears, and fall in hopes
and collapse in  love ~too~
i dont know if that is good
i see all from a very high place
so ~so high~
maybe that is the theme from you
high and fall
how   could you catch me?
if i am fading
~now in blue~ and more and more transparent

i turned myself in a white-blue woman

for what? OH! I don’t know
just being changed with the autumn
~so many~

and forgetting you and forgetting me
in that deep dive white blue
and has my misted  eyes
that  cheat  my heart

so i will jump!
not in your arms but  i know I’ll l fly
after all
i have a fooled  heart
and a misted eyes

just turn your head!!!!

bird on