Fooled heart/Misted eyes

I do not have no more
my tresses to play for you
they faded in each  year
like a tree in autumn
they just fall in colours
and fall in  tears, and fall in hopes
and collapse in  love ~too~
i dont know if that is good
i see all from a very high place
so ~so high~
maybe that is the theme from you
high and fall
how   could you catch me?
if i am fading
~now in blue~ and more and more transparent

i turned myself in a white-blue woman

for what? OH! I don’t know
just being changed with the autumn
~so many~

and forgetting you and forgetting me
in that deep dive white blue
and has my misted  eyes
that  cheat  my heart

so i will jump!
not in your arms but  i know I’ll l fly
after all
i have a fooled  heart
and a misted eyes

just turn your head!!!!

bird on

2 thoughts on “Fooled heart/Misted eyes

  1. Every time I see a tree during the season of autumn in photos, I wish that season was here too. I see that the scene of such tree inspires a lot 🙂


  2. Autumn says about sadness and end of a cycle more than others seasons and has the fade colors….. end, end …..
    Thanks for your comment Tenny, very welcome, always. 🙂


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