My body not so ruined!

I can not….
besides me lies something bigger

~no pleasure, not love , nothing~
and hold me , and warms me
for a short period of time
~I do not just bang bang~

not anymore
Bang Bang is my name
sad that is not?
not so nice as well
in fact i am so near to death
that you can smell it
I ‘ve lived a good time
I danced with my frufru
I made my feet a ruin
I broke them all , one by one
not for the pleasure of the dance
but for the pleasure of pain
~and no one was watching ~
my feet are inviolate
for all to see
like my body
that the priest wanted to destroy
~and failed~

then I run
trying to keep my body
and my mind
stable and  in harmony

the the man in black more and more in a  ballet
i am so lonely with my body


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