Love of miles and miles

I traced thin lines in a sea  map

the distance between north and south
in coloured stains on a table
I  drowned

~the distance~
oh! infamous!  falls asleep on me

i am yellow you blue
on this sea chart called
love of miles and miles

the geography is on my heart
the stones, the sand, the ocean
all trembling together

~in my tiny heart~

can you  hear the sound?
tin tin tin

with my hands i created a wave

to suck me violently

a new route by reach you
had to

is there  where the journey depart~
so sorry – was a revolted sea-

i sank there

and all that was rested on me
sank also

i become a woman in blue again
taking  all to the deep

my love, my breast, my  last breath….
and one tiny heart
to the bottom

coração naufrago1

13 thoughts on “Love of miles and miles

  1. Love the nautical theme to the verses, and the way it unfurled in the wind. It caught me thinking…

    Ghosts, haunted beneath the boiling waters, set free to ride upon the waves to seas once more, blue earth sails warm to touch, scribe a course with few tacks upon the charts, rig for high winds, swift currents, scattered shallows, and the deep, to the places where three oceans meet, the vast wild just below the straits, rolling high the carnival of seas, it waits, for north a course, a topsail set, make voyage, make way, make without haste, oh wayfarer to her stories in between the two blues, and tidal earth.


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