Happy Christmas!

I have traveled all paths . I have talked to all people . I was loved and i loved also. Some crazy people like me: men, women , friends, children. That is a good thing to think in this time
.I have some friends, lovers, family a good place to fall and i write because one poet made ​​me do that and i will never forget him .
People call me love,OH how sweet.
Invite me to strange travels offering me food and warmth and kisses and sex.
OH! I need that! That is good thought to have in this time .
Sometimes, when i am down has always a special person that pray for me and cover me with sweetness and pull me off of the well. That is a good man to have by your side.
I suffer when i write, tears on me all time but, my simplicity is always preserved by those who love me and that is a fantastic gift to have .
So, what is wrong? The bad people? The liers? No. Think about what you have, that is your gift on this special night! Happy Christmas to all and thanks for your patience.
natal Cristina2

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