The three Marys

The three Marys

Macelamade a flowers bed
from macela that is the flower’s name

such perfume…..such calm…
coming from straw of once was a bud

~dust of the scent~

to rest the three and to Love too
they lay overcome by hope fatigue

that always would be some Mary

~to care~
the macela Bed

Flowers and tiredness

But…once..just once time
one of them sleeps ~ in secret~

on that hill of softness
with a man with a manhood

the second cradles her dreams
at her porch

the third was still catching….in the fields
no knowing nothing

and lands dreams again gives a warm lap
we are in earth..
whispered the wind….shhhhhhhhh

Who deserve the love of that only man?

The Mary that plant, the one that is waiting or the one who makes love…..

Author Notes

Field Macela is a plant that heals and soothes… widely used in pillows and mattresses here on Brazil.

Grey Friar with desire!!!

Credits: To Poet Robert Green for the idea!!!!
A grey friar pursuit
a huge taste of honey
that he cared…. for so long….
He said… and all people listened
That ….. calm down my desire
honey beeOr calm down with desire
I think…..
that  just inspire him and set him afire

Miss Lonely Speak!

“Inspired by: Like a Rolling Stones – Bob Dylan Song”

On our table ~breath~

a big sac of rocks full of tiny drops

full of little and little little rocks

stones  and breath come from the sweat

the beat of cold and heat

you took you coffee and choose one

it can be anyone, any colour~ any story~

to your game of glory!

pick it up again

throw away on the ground

kick the little rock

Now you are tired tired like i used to be

and you know now

that i came back to you through this revenge


~killed me first ~

and on our table ~breath

~ still a big sac full of tinny drops~

and rocks

Once A Black Lace Ribbon!


He told me he would cure all my pains
with patients hands

Oh! so soft, i had forgotten!
and hot words in my ear
tickling me

i sit in front him
as he ask me for do that

he untied my hair
a ponytail faded

What was once black
fell apart in his hands

and a gentle kiss on my neck
was my release from the past

Reptile Heart day 5 napowrimo

Inspired by~
One Poet and  friend call me alligator. I think with myself, why not??? That is why we are poets……


~AReptile Heart~

beat slow and cold
inside my~ something~
what once was innocent and hot
transform itself in a torpid beast

A evolution of the species

i always knew that i was a reptile
changing colors and sharpening my claws
an alteration in my eyes
two colored orbits ~peppering ~

I spit ink to seduce
an introduction for their surrender
placid temptation in my colored lake
there ~exposed ~ in sunbathing

perfect tail and smooth paws
powering the desire to capture me
in a thrust of lust ~lips wandering through my mouth~
waiting~ patiently~ by the normal beat ….

of my reptile heart

Why did you take so long on this Christmas?

Inspired by
“I felt overstuffed and dull and disappointed, the way I always do the day after Christmas, as if whatever it was the pine boughs and the candles and the silver and gilt-ribboned presents and the birch-log fires and the Christmas turkey and the carols at the piano promised never came to pass.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
Mason Jar
the tree, sparkling lights that i envy
i would like that glow comes from me, to divide
so i envy …. the silver, the english porcelain, the crystal cups
all that things we can buy

all the things that has brightness

the food, so perfectly on the table
with exquisite scents
all so , aligned ~ all that i did~
all people so satisfied

And i was screaming inside

looking for something warm
to supporting me in my fake laugh
when the time of the gifts come

At the end of all ~ardent night~
like a surviving in a wreck
he send to me a letter
but was not more time to shine
i simply died….